How to Drive Business Transformation through Heightened Collaboration

Collaboration Drives Business Results

One of the qualities of critical thinkers, particularly in the business space, is to apply creative thinking either to solve business problems or identify opportunities. This ability to “reject standardized formats for problem solving” can be of great benefit, particularly during unpredictable times.

To say that 2020 brought about serious challenges to business leaders would be an understatement. From developing business continuity plans to doing a complete overhaul of their business model, these individuals have had to channel their ability to respond quickly, be agile, be resourceful and be confident in their decisions.

With over 85% of executives attributing the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures, many leaders have looked at people-focused approaches to solve current challenges.

This brings us to the objective of this blog: to examine how some leaders used collaboration as an engine to maintain productivity, drive employee engagement and boost employee morale.… Read more...

Navigating through Introversion: Four Proven Methods to Improve Collaboration When Working with Introverts

Contrary to general conceptions, being outgoing or assertive is not the only way to excel in our careers. In fact, many great leaders, innovators and artists are (or were) introverts.

As a child who was a serious introvert, I can empathize with those who are. It’s not a choice; rather, it’s what comes naturally. As such, group activities at school were, at times, more a source of anxiety than anything else. Over the years, my introversion lessened and eventually became a thing of the past.

However, that is not the case for many introverts.

In this blog, I’ll examine these challenges, and, more importantly, explore some solutions.

Common Misconceptions About Introverts in the Corporate Environment

Some common misconceptions about introverts, particularly in the context of the corporate environment, are:

  • They don’t exhibit strong leadership skills.
  • They are disengaged or uninterested.
  • They don’t like their job or their colleagues.

This can …

Digital Transformation Takes Center Stage at EHSQ Alliance Partner Vision Meeting

At Intelex’s recent EHSQ Alliance Partner Vision Meeting, consulting professionals, independent software vendors (ISVs) and technology partners met with Intelex executives, product experts, sales and customer success teams to dive deeper into exclusive strategies and offerings around the EHSQ Alliance – a technology-enabled global network of individuals and organizations committed to changing business for good.

“Our partners are a critical part of the EHSQ Alliance. For more than 10 years Intelex has delivered semi-annual Vision meetings to our employees intent on communicating and collaborating with a key stakeholder of our business. It seemed natural that a similar event would be extended to our partner community to share our culture and strategy for digital transformation with them and reinforce our commitment to their success,” said Intelex CEO and President Mark Jaine.

“We were excited to bring our partners together to enable them to collaborate on our product and sales strategies and … Read more...

True collaboration a far cry from conventional approaches

One of the first things I do when I wake up, all squinty eyed, is read email on my phone. I really should look out more through my window (see image – better when it is sunny) but instead I am addicted to the bright, likely eye-damaging LCD screen! A few weeks ago, I woke up to a series of e-mail notifications from our Intelex-Exchange community. One of our users had asked a very detailed technical question about our product the night before. Often these questions are answered by our internal support or development teams but increasingly other Intelex clients answer questions and share their expertise. Over that particular night, three clients exchanged eight or so public postings back and forth to help each other get the most out of their Intelex systems. It was thrilling to realize that these clients did not know each other prior to this conversation. … Read more...