Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Environmental Stewardship Goes to Boart Longyear

A special congratulations to Boart Longyear, which is the winner of the Intelex Performance Award for Environmental Stewardship. This accolade is awarded to a client that shows outstanding contributions and leadership in environmental management through the use of the Intelex Software.

Boart Longyear has worked very closely with Intelex in defining the requirements for their Sustainability Metrics application. This application tracks Boart Longyear’s usage of a variety of resources, from diesel to electricity to gasoline to water, just to name just a few. Capturing this data in Intelex has allowed Boart Longyear to better monitor their environmental footprint, and more effectively set goals for sustainability. Congratulations to Boart Longyear on their admirable achievements in environmental stewardship!… Read more...

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited Takes Home the Intelex Performance Award for Safety Performance

Congratulations to Agnico Eagle Mines for their achievement of the Intelex Performance Award for Safety Performance. The Safety Performance award recognizes a client who has shown outstanding contributions towards organizational health and safety by using Intelex software.

Currently, Agnico Eagle Mines uses Intelex’s Incident Management application in four languages across eleven different divisions. They are also leveraging six separate dashboards from within the application. To date, Agnico has used Intelex to record more than 11,000 incidents, with over 800 corrective/preventative actions, showcasing their commitment to improving safety in their workforce. Thanks to Agnico Eagle’s hard work and dedication, they’ve reduced their Accident Frequency Rate from 3.23 in 2011 to 1.90 in 2014!… Read more...

Nexteer Automotive Wins Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Dream Builder

We recently held the fifth annual Intelex User Conference and with it, the second year of the Intelex Performance Excellence Awards. We’d like to congratulate each of our winners for their astounding performance over the past year.

Our winner of the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Dream Builder was Nexteer Automotive. To meet the requirements for this prestigious award, the Intelex client must have built innovative and inspiring applications from scratch, while demonstrating how they transformed their Intelex System into a major driver of success in the organization.

As winners of the award, the Nexteer Automotive team has developed not one but nine applications within the past year! Nexteer has built Intelex applications to monitor quality planning and supplier activities, house supplier compliance information, provide scorecards and performance-tracking tools to suppliers, track costs incurred due to quality issues, and so much more. The applications were built to meet the … Read more...