Oil and Gas Explorer Encana Gains Compliance and Efficiency with EMS

Environmental management effectiveness means achieving the obvious result of regulatory compliance, but for Encana Corp., it is essential to gain a good measure of organizational efficiency, too.

Efficiency is particularly important for a company like Encana, a Calgary-based oil and gas exploration and production company, that has a multitude of regulatory objectives to meet, many interdependent departments that exist across the company, and an operation that spans two countries.

Casey Rubin, manager of the environmental information team, says that, in his job of EMS management, he works with a variety of internal groups, including air compliance, field environmental groups, operations, plus regulatory and production coordinators.

In most large corporations it’s often typical to find many redundant efforts such as the collection of the same types of data and performing the same types tasks or processes, yet not having the necessary coordination to streamline across different operating areas or even in … Read more...

Pitching an EHS Pen and Paper Process

Pearson Education is a textbook example of how to get off the paper trail and onto a digital path when it comes to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) reporting.

Seven years ago, this global educational product and services company that manufacturers textbooks for “K to 12” (kindergarten to Grade 12) began transitioning away from legacy paper-based health and safety reporting to a software-based electronic method. The rationale, as is often the case for organizations abandoning hard-copy forms, was to simplify processes, extend the reach of its EHS programs, and gain greater employee participation in the … Read more...

Keeping Workers Safe Is the Golden Rule for This Canadian Mining Company

A rooted culture of caring runs deep within Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. – a Canadian-based gold producer with operations in Canada, Finland and Mexico.

Louise Grondin, Agnico Eagle’s senior Vice-President of Environment, Sustainable Development and People, says worker safety is paramount and her company wants every employee to be responsible for their own and others’ safety. To that end, it’s important for everyone to play a part in the effort to declare all events and situations that may put workers at risk. The goal is to eliminate any potential harm.

“It’s not a game to …

What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong: Quality Case Studies

How do Quality failures happen? What causes a self-driving car to kill a pedestrian? Or a well-known food brand to be contaminated with bacteria that cause a massive listeria outbreak? The sheer scale of some of these types of disasters might lead us to believe that the causes are equally large, that they ought to have been obvious to anyone or that only willful ignorance could be to blame. In reality, disaster is often the result of a cascading series of tiny, almost imperceptible Quality failures. They build slowly over time in organizational cultures not in the habit of looking for them or of being mindful of their presence and meaning when they do appear as smaller symptoms.

Quality Management isn’t simply a series of abstract ideas we follow to get a certification that allows us to bid on certain contracts from our customers. Quality Management serves a higher purpose; … Read more...

Agri-Business Looks to Feed EHS Learning Across the Company

It’s all about serving the need for learning across the organization when it comes how CHS Inc. – a North American agri-business that provides grain marketing services to farmers – uses a comprehensive management system to guide its efforts.

Charley Kubler, CHS’s Environmental, Health and Safety Systems Manager, says his company uses Intelex software to manage a comprehensive set of training programs, in addition to requirements for U.S. Homeland Security, health, safety and environmental management, food and feed safety, plus rail, barge and fleet transportation.

“All in we have about 55 programs that we operate,” … Read more...

Cermaq Serves Up Great Quality with Intelex

Barbeque salmon for dinner, anyone?

If you are a salmon lover, chances are you have eaten a Cermaq salmon. The company supplies to 70 countries around the world, providing more than 2.5 million salmon meals daily. Their vision is to provide the world with clean, healthy and sustainable food today and into the future.

Cermaq is one of the largest fish farming companies in the world, employing 4,200 workers worldwide and producing nearly 158,000 tons of salmon and trout each year through its locations in Norway, Canada and Chile with an operating revenue of US$1.16 billion.

To produce the highest-quality fish, Cermaq set out to improve its processes to achieve its strategic goals for quality and sustainability across a global footprint.

Cermaq was looking for a Quality Management Software system to help ensure the superiority of their products and in turn fulfil customer preferences. They set three initiatives for the … Read more...

Are You an Unsung Hero of Safety, Quality and the Environment?

They’re inspired and inspiring.

Those who choose a career in Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality (EHSQ) practices in organizations around the world are people often called to that task. They do the work because of a genuine compassion and empathy for others, and often because a life circumstance or life-changing influence may have inspired them to the cause.

It’s not a job for fame-seekers. Service as an EHSQ professional usually goes largely unnoticed and is far from a high-profile existence. It’s certainly no aspirational path to monetary success. EHSQ professionals aren’t often lauded or … Read more...

Manufacturer Exits Paper Trail – Moves to a Software Path for Better EHS Management

It was really a matter of getting with the times.

PACE Industries, a U.S.-based die-casting company, was not unlike many organizations struggling to manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) processes. They were looking to get out of the old world of paper and Excel spreadsheets and into the modern age of intelligent digital reporting.

A company with a history dating to the 1970s, PACE was buried under a spreadsheet mountain of incident reporting from 12 divisions and 21 locations throughout the U.S., plus two plants in Mexico. It’s a busy place. You name it, and PACE probably manufactures it, taking aluminum, magnesium and zinc, melting it down, putting it in high-pressure molds, and literally turning it into thousands of parts. Everything from components for the automotive and lighting industries, to barbecue grills, and even guidance chips for missile systems. Suffice to say, paper-based processes simply weren’t cutting it.

“We wanted …

Canadian Gold Producer Agnico Eagle Cuts Accident Frequency Rate in Half

In 2011, Canadian gold producer Agnico Eagle Mines had an Accident Frequency Rate of 3.23 per 200,000 working hours. By 2014, they had cut that number down by more than half, reporting an Accident Frequency Rate of 1.48 at the end of the year. So, how did they do it?

By implementing best practices in accident management, engaging employees through collaboration, and demonstrating exceptional safety leadership among top management. They also relied on Intelex’s EHS Management software to support them in their new, streamlined approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities.

Committing to EHS Excellence

Agnico Eagle purchased Intelex EHS Management software in 2011, replacing their old Excel spreadsheets that had become inefficient. With Intelex’s centralized approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities, Agnico Eagle has streamlined communication across multiple divisions worldwide. They also simplified prioritization and decision-making by creating six unique dashboards, designed … Read more...

New Intelex Case Study: BA Blacktop

We’re excited to share our recently released case study regarding BA Blacktop’s success with Intelex’s Quality Nonconformance and Standard Safety Incidents applications.  With unique objectives to streamline and unify their Quality and Safety management programs to improve tracking and monitoring processes, BA Blacktop turned to Intelex to help them achieve these goals.  The end result was remarkable, including a 56% reduction in spills since 2009, noticeable improvements in insurance premiums over the past 3 years, and 18% reduction in motor vehicle accidents since 2009 to name a few.

To learn more on how BA Blacktop utilized Intelex solutions to ensure a strong reputation and driving force towards success in the construction industry, check out the case study today! 

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