Intelex Customer Success: Breaking New Ground and Finding Better Business Value

a female call centre worker takes a call.

Customer Success (CS) is a vital part of the relationship Intelex has with its customers. The goal of CS is to provide customers with the knowledge they need to be successful during initial implementation and beyond.

Customer Success manages the business relationship with the customer, prevents churn, and identifies opportunities for growth during the contract lifecycle. Therefore, CS is the most direct interaction we have with our customers, which makes the CS team a crucial contributor to providing real business and customer value.

Yet, with Customer Success being a relatively new job title that has only been around for a few years, the concept of “best practices” is still developing. This can make it difficult to make sure all the members of the CS team are on the same page in terms of their understanding of the role. With 16 team members … Read more...

Intelex Wins TechConnex’s Technology Company of the Year Award for 2014

It’s that time of year again – awards time! We are very excited to announce that Intelex has been named “Technology Company of the Year” in TechConnex’s Technology Leadership Awards. This is the first time Intelex has won this prestigious title, which recognizes business leadership, excellence in innovation and a commitment to the knowledge-based sector in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Applicants of the “Technology Company of the Year” category are required to show their increasing profitability, community involvement, thought leadership and sound business fundamentals. Organizations must also have a minimum of eight years in the business, which allows judges to analyze the organization’s growth and track record.

As the winner of the Tech Company of the Year, we successfully showcased Intelex’s growing performance in developing software for over two decades that allows companies across all industries to manage performance, compliance and risk for environment, health, safety (EHS) and quality … Read more...

Top 10 essential tips to ensure top-notch training tracking

Gone are the days that monitoring and tracking employee training is a nice to have. Maintaining this information plays a big part in both having visibility into the competency of your employees and in mitigating the corporate risk that can devastate a company if it’s not in place.

And organizations use this information in multiple ways. If you have had any exposure to the ISO set of standards, you’ll know that pretty much every standard outlined by ISO (be it 14001, 9001, 26000, 50001 etc.) includes training as an essential component.  So if you want to be certified or just conform to the standard, you better make sure that your training tracking house is in order.

But it doesn’t stop at ISO standards, look at the regulatory bodies around occupational health and safety, specifically OSHA in the US and WSIB and other agencies in Canada and around the world; not adhering … Read more...

Corporate recycling, sunny side-up

Food manufacturing and packaging go hand in hand.  What may not be so obvious, however, is that the links between the two are about to become a lot more, er, ineggstricable. That’s right, thanks to some pioneering work out of England, we’ve learned that eggs themselves may contain the answers to some of the world’s environmental woes. 

Scientists out of the University of Leicester in England are currently investigating the use of disposed eggshells, which currently either end up in landfill or are used in pharmaceuticals to help with cartilage and connective tissue problems. The biodegradable proteins found in the egg shell can be potentially formed into a starch-based plastic very similar to numerous forms of existing materials used in packaging warehouses. Sounds simple, but the outcome could bring great change to the packaging world. Find out more here

As the article explains: The aim of the current project … Read more...

Intelex achieves Microsoft Gold-Level Certification

Intelex is pleased to announce it has achieved Gold-Level certification within the Microsoft Partner Network.

Secifically, Intelex has achieved three specific competencies within the partner program, including Application Integration, Independant Software Vendor (ISV), and Mobility.

Head over to our Press Room to learn more.… Read more...

Full disclosure: A report on reporting

Is your business considering sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting? What will it be: CERES? GRI? CDP? FRP? A4S? WBCSD? Or IIRC?

Phew. That’s a lot of acronyms for what’s really a simple premise: reporting on sustainability and CSR data to stakeholders and the public at large. The above organizations are all associated with voluntary reporting frameworks that organizations can use to standardize sustainability and CSR reporting. While the frameworks differ in scope, to sort out any potential confusion, here’s a quick rundown of each:

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): Based in the UK, CDP brings together investors and works with large corporations around the world to develop effective carbon reduction strategies and disclose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data. Less a sustainability/CSR reporting framework than an emissions reporting organization, CDP’s scope is nonetheless broad: it publishes emissions data accounting for more than a quarter of global air emissions associated


The word is out: 5.1 is our biggest, boldest release yet

As most of you know, Intelex has finally rolled out its powerful new 5.1 release.

With amazing platform enhancements, a suite of new Power Tools, new modules and much, much more, Intelex 5.1 is the most configurable, versatile version of Intelex’s pioneering software yet.

Check out the official press release in our Press Room, or head over to Intelex-Exchange, our client portal, for more details. And don't forget to download the colourful Intelex 5.1 Wallpaper for your desktop! … Read more...

New Eco-Operation Study Sheds Light On Supply Chain Sustainability

Achieving verifiable sustainability throughout the supply and demand chain can be a daunting task for any company, especially for those who have a substantial amount of partners involved from top to bottom. As global product manufacturers are now placing more emphasis on being competitive and environmentally conscious as a result of social, economic and regulatory factors, pressure has mounted for companies to apply a “lean and green” makeover to their product sourcing, logistics, transportation, distribution and operational practices. In order to address the challenges, issues and opportunities associated with this trend, The Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum in partnership with Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN) have developed The Acceleration of Eco-Operation initiative. A rich repository of resources and information compiled from industry experts and associations as well as a comprehensive industry survey, The Acceleration of Eco-Operation initiative is aimed at helping improve bottom lines through enhanced trading partner … Read more...

Organizations with Sound Quality Management Are Better Equipped To Weather the Current Economic Downturn

The purpose of a quality management system is to enable continual improvement regardless of market conditions; therefore, organizations that had the foresight and business smarts to have implemented effective quality management systems prior to the current recession have been proactively refining their business processes, minimizing the potential for nonconformance expenses, and enabling complete performance visibility as opposed to implementing last minute reactionary decisions intended to cut costs quickly. Invariably the "quick fix" approach to reducing the bottom line will directly impact product and service quality, which will ultimately have a negative impact on revenue generation.

The article "Prepared for Battle: Defend yourself in any economy with sound quality management" by Peter Grossi in this month's Quality Progress magazine delves much more deeply into the concept that businesses with existing quality management programs are better positioned to adapt during difficult economic conditions. "What organizations need to keep in mind, however, is … Read more...

Are You Managing Your Performance?

It is no secret that we are presently experiencing an economic downturn. Running a successful and profitable organization is no easy feat to begin with, let alone in these current market conditions. The corporate leaders of today are battling a plethora of obstacles ranging from fluctuating capital markets, pressures from investors, proposed new regulations and not to mention good old fashioned competition from their competitors. Penny pinching and resourceful budgeting have become standard practice across the board for most industries. As sales are down and earnings diminishing, many may believe that cutting back on spending is the logical approach, but as a recent article "Captain Jack and the BPM Market: Performance Management in Turbulent Times" by John Colbert in Business Performance Magazine outlines, there is one key factor that is well worth the investment.

As Mr. Colbert states, "Business Performance Management (BPM) is one of the few IT investments receiving … Read more...