8 Checklists for 2020: A Quick Way to Check In and Level Up Your EHSQ Programs

These checklists from Intelex offer practical advice about managing aspects of safety like slips and falls and electrical hazards, help you touch base with employees during these stressful times, offer insight into your organization’s preparedness planning, provide guidance on quality issues like voice of customer and 5S, and much more!

Don’t Be Shocked – A Checklist for Electrical Safety – While the objective of protecting the safety of their employees continues to be a strong focus for employers, there still needs to be more checks in place to reduce injuries.

Embrace the New Age of Digital Learning: Training Management in the Age of COVID-19 – Learning and training is more important than ever. When the world moves quickly, sometimes in unexpected ways, we need to make sure our training can keep up and give our teams what they need to survive and thrive.

Back to Work Checklist for Mindful Leaders – While strategic vision … Read more...


COIVD-19 vaccine and gas hazards

The latest blog by industrial Scientific (below) examines how the methods for storing and transporting the COVID-19 vaccine come with invisible hazards.  

I write this while sitting in a bed in the ER because it’s that urgent. We need to get 14 more of the O2 GasBadge Pro monitors… ASAP.”

This rush order was a request from an EHS leader at a world-renowned medical center.

The order came on the heels of the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine and the distribution of those vaccine doses to health care facilities across the United States. The vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer, must be kept extremely cold at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius and methods for storing and transporting the vaccine come with invisible hazards.

Both processes hinge upon the cold temperatures that are necessary to properly sustain the vaccine doses. Gas detection is a crucial element of ensuring safety in the distribution … Read more...

The Top 10 Intelex Blogs Focus on Technology, Trends and Personalities

Top 2020 Intelex blogs

With 2020 wrapping up, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 blogs published by Intelex in 2020. From emerging trends to emerging technology to emerging leaders, 58,000 people found something or someone that interested them in the Intelex blog.

Our most viewed blogs of the year are…

  1. More Lessons from the Boeing 737 MAX: How Culture of Quality Failures Led to Tragedy
  2. Infographic: Sustainability: Profits, Planet and People
  3. Coronavirus: Will It Cause Workplace Distraction?
  4. Ready to Return: Our Return-To-Work Tools Can Help You Safely and Successfully Reopen Your Workplace
  5. Kristen Duda: It Is Critical to Align Your Personal Values to Those of the Company You Work For
  6. Learning to Thrive: Learning Disabilities in the Workplace
  7. Margery Moore: Starting My Own Company Was the Only Way To Truly Honor My Dreams and Achieve My Goals
  8. How a Robust EHS Solution can Help you Address COVID-19 Related Challenges in your Organization

Our Gift to You: The 10 Most-Popular Intelex EHSQ, Technology and Return-to-Work Downloads

Top content downloads

Whether you’re looking for a checklist to help you manage return to work or recognize leading indicators, want information about energy efficiency and sustainability, or want to improve safety performance, we’ve got you covered with this Top 10 list of most-downloaded content from Intelex.

  1. Return-To-Work: A Template for a COVID-19 Business Preparedness
  2. Checklist 10 Leading Indicators Employee Engagement
  3. The Five Things You Need To Know About Incident Management
  4. Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019
  5. Pandemic Preparedness: Propel Your Safety Culture Forward by Avoiding these 7 Mistakes
  6. Seven Leading Indicators to Drive Safety Improvement
  7. Achieving Energy Efficiency with ISO 50001
  8. Employer Preparedness Plan Requirements Checklist
  9. Evaluating Safety Program Performance
  10. EHS and Sustainability An Evolving Relationship

To access our resource library, please click here.…

Are You a Business “Prepper”? Lessons for Today’s Organizations from Survivalist Culture

Prepper Culture and Organizational Resiliency

The traditional idea of a “survivalist” is that of a grizzled, perhaps eccentric, person living on the edges of society, digging bunkers in their backyard, stocking them food, and waiting for the end times. In popular culture, survivalists are usually depicted as part of a fringe culture that represents a seditious and even dangerous element in the modern world.

But a recent article by the BBC provides insight into the ways in which survivalist culture has become a broader, less radical “prepper” culture around the world. In the last decade, events such as Hurricane Sandy hitting New York in 2012, the massive power outage that plunged New York into darkness in 2019, and the COVID-19 pandemic causing worldwide shortages of critical supplies, have inspired a new generation to look at their emergency preparedness. These events have taught us that while apocalyptic cataclysms that devastate society remain unlikely, smaller high-impact events … Read more...

How AI Is Changing the Way People Shop on Black Friday

Black Friday and AI

The retail industry, like many others, is currently experiencing a significant transformation, both by the upsurge in online shopping as well as through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help forecast sales and enhance the customer experience. As such, AI is helping retailers predict consumer demand, and it provides them with insights to help develop personalized services to consumers during their online purchasing journey.

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a challenging year, it’s safe to say that many Americans will be trying to make the most of the holiday season – soon to be kicking off with Thanksgiving, followed by ever-exciting Black Friday!

Although COVID-19 has brought about serious disruptions to the economy, the effects to retail have been mixed. At the highest level, in-store shopping is expected take a serious hit this year, however, online holiday spending is forecasted to “surpass $189B in 2020 Read more...

When Being Thankful is the Reward Itself

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

I’ll be honest, I dreaded writing this blog. (How’s that for an opening statement!?)

I dreaded it because let’s face it, 2020 has been a struggle for all of us. It’s hard to think about being grateful during a pandemic that has taken the lives of 1.41 million people worldwide, sickened nearly 60 million people and upended the way we work, go to school and socialize. Millions of people are out of work, small and large businesses are impacted, hospitals and healthcare providers are overwhelmed.

But something happened last week that made me realize that I actually have much for which to be grateful. This past year has helped me, and my “community” here at Intelex, discover what we care about.

Our Employee Appreciation Day was last week. We received … Read more...

Meeting Management or Meeting Madness? (ie., I Don’t Want to Zoom and Take Me Off Your Teams)

Meeting Management Best Practices
Why meeting management needs to be top-of-mind for managers and employees.

I’ve been a remote worker for nearly 3 years. When I first started, I was one of only four team members who was remote. I frequently was excluded from meetings. Not because my input wasn’t wanted or needed, but because people would forget to dial me/us in. To say it was frustrating is an understatement; infuriating might be closer to the truth.

I now refer to that time as “the good old days.”

Fast-forward to 2020 and everyone at my company works remotely. Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become ubiquitous. Those 5-minute “chats” beside someone’s desk or at the coffee machine have turned into 30-minute meetings. We’ve scheduled multiple full-day meetings via Zoom and I have one word for those: Brutal.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like I’m spending much more time meeting and much less time … Read more...

11 Scary Facts About Work and the Workplace

Business man afraid of his own shadow monster concept on grungy background

Think ghosts and goblins are scary? Think again! We’ve got some fun, sad and scary facts for you this Halloween.

Scary monsters show up on Halloween, but the workplace can be scary all year round. Here are 11 scary facts about the workplace:

  1. The average work desk is approximately 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. A recent study found there are in fact around 10 million bacteria that live on your office desk.
  2. People with sedentary jobs are twice as likely to die of heart disease than those with active jobs.
  3. Roughly 10,000 Japanese workers drop dead at their desks as the result of 60- to 70-hour work weeks. This phenomenon is called “karoshi.”
  4. 71% of American workers are disengaged at work.
  5. 58% of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss.
  6. Middle

How to Improve Safety Behaviors Using Positive Consequences

Improve safety behaviors using positive consequences
Clyde, like me, responds best to positive consequences such as praise or recognition when he exhibits the behaviors I require of him.

Like many people, I recently adopted a dog. Actually, I adopted a puppy that I named Clyde from a local dog rescue. One of the positive consequences of the pandemic is that adoptions of rescue dogs are at an all-time high.

Clyde came home with me at 14 weeks, a bundle of energy and affection who turned out to be a mix every dog breed I never wanted rolled into one, and I say that with affection and love.

I’m a big advocate of training, both for dogs and for people. I’ll even take it a step further: I’m a big advocate of positive training, for dogs and for people. Clyde is rewarded when he does something he’s ask to do: sit, stay, give paw, come when called, … Read more...