Safety in the Supply Chain: How Technology Mitigates Risk

If you don't take supply chain safety seriously, it is likely – especially in this day and age – for your organization to take a reputational hit
If you don’t take supply chain safety seriously, it is likely – especially in this day and age – for your organization to take a reputational hit if the public realizes you knowingly disregarded known gaps in your suppliers’ safety protocols and performance. Since most industries rely on a supply chain, every business needs to consider and mitigate these risks.

A conversation with Trevor Bronson, Strategic Development Manager at Intelex Technologies, on how the fragility of supply chains have been exposed in the wake of recent global uncertainty and what can  be done at organisational level to improve their robustness.

In February 2022, Trevor Bronson virtually presented to a large Health & Safety Matters audience on the best practices around promoting supply chain safety, including identifying what is required to keep a suppy chain operational, resilient, flexible and compliant.  (If you want to watch the webinar “Safety in the Supply Chain: How To Lower Risk and Read more...

Process Improvement and Safety Culture: Building a Better Workplace

There has always been debate about safety culture and the premise that "aren't we just in the business of building good organizational culture?"
Effective processes can not only reduce workplace incidents, but can ultimately lead to saving lives.

A conversation with Scott Gaddis, Vice President & Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health at Intelex Technologies, on how a safety culture can be strengthened through health and safety-related process improvements.

In November 2021, Scott Gadds virtually presented to a large H&S International audience on the value of process improvement within organisations, explaining how effective processes can not only reduce workplace incidents but can ultimately lead to saving lives. To learn more around the importance of building safety culture, the tools needed to do so, and what the future may look like for cultural safety processes, please take a read below and watch the webinar “Leveraging Safety Culture through H&S Process Improvement” here.  

Q1. Can you tell us a bit about your background and what attracted you to Intelex? 

Scott Gaddis: I began my career in 1989 after finishing up with degrees in Occupational Safety and Health from Murray State University. I’ve been leading EHS for more than 30 years.  I began with the GE Company manufacturing large industrial AC/DC motors. I then transitioned … Read more...