About Aaron Davis

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intelex Technologies, Aaron brings over 15 years' experience in technology product development in industries including ERP, cybersecurity, mobility, and IoT. Aaron works closely with enterprise customers to understand their approach to optimizing operations through advanced technologies.

Intelex HazardIQ for iNet – Advancing Connected Safety Across the Last Mile of Hazardous Environment Monitoring

At Intelex, we have an ambitious vision to eliminate death on the job by the year 2050, a vision we share with our parent company, Industrial Scientific. It’s a vision that informs not only what we do and how we do it, it’s part of the culture that we live and breathe every day.

Our mission is to deliver safer, cleaner and more efficient operations to our customers with the highest quality and best customer experience, every time, without exception. We are making a significant step forward in that direction with our new connected safety solution, Intelex HazardIQ for iNet. 

In all high-risk industries, workers are subject to a variety of environmental conditions that create elevated risks to their health and safety. Prompt detection and mitigation of these risks is critical to not only keeping workers safe from harm, but for optimizing EHS programs to make them more proactive in eliminating risks in the first place. With the pandemic accelerating the trend … Read more...

The Top 5 Post-Pandemic EHS Technologies You Need to Know About In 2021

A long-term digital transformation strategy that includes incremental upgrades is the course of action many companies are taking as they turn to technology to solve their EHSQ challenges.
There’s little doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the approach to technology across all businesses, industries, and job functions, but a one-and-done digital transformation isn’t the best strategy for many organizations. 

As we move into the spring, there is optimism in the air. The pandemic, while not over, is waning, and with vaccines there is promise of better days ahead.  

There’s little doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the approach to technology across all businesses, industries, and job functions. Those changes are no less prominent in the EHS space. As we move through 2021, forward-thinking organizations are looking to retool for greater agility and resiliency, and technology promises to play an outsized role in managing the change.  

To that end, let’s take a look at some of the top 5 technologies that will … Read more...

World Quality Day: COVID-19 Accelerates Push for Quality Maturity in Life Sciences

COVID-19 Quality Supply Chains FDA

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to quality and supply chain management within the life sciences industry. Drug shortages caused by unprecedented supply and demand pressures continue to be significant challenges for many life sciences companies today and for the general public at large as the pandemic continues to escalate.

The Fragile State of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chains in the US

According to a recent report by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), the US domestic pharmaceutical supply chain remains in a state of heightened vulnerability, with almost three quarters of the critical drugs required to treat COVID-19 patients facing significant shortages. The current shortages have brought quality management into the spotlight for many life science organizations and have tightened the focus on issues of quality maturity across the larger pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain.

Beyond supply chain disruption, additional factors including implementation of new public health safety protocols, … Read more...