Pitching an EHS Pen and Paper Process

Pearson Education is a textbook example of how to get off the paper trail and onto a digital path when it comes to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) reporting.

Seven years ago, this global educational product and services company that manufacturers textbooks for “K to 12” (kindergarten to Grade 12) began transitioning away from legacy paper-based health and safety reporting to a software-based electronic method. The rationale, as is often the case for organizations abandoning hard-copy forms, was to simplify processes, extend the reach of its EHS programs, and gain greater employee participation in the … Read more...

Are You an Unsung Hero of Safety, Quality and the Environment?

They’re inspired and inspiring.

Those who choose a career in Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality (EHSQ) practices in organizations around the world are people often called to that task. They do the work because of a genuine compassion and empathy for others, and often because a life circumstance or life-changing influence may have inspired them to the cause.

It’s not a job for fame-seekers. Service as an EHSQ professional usually goes largely unnoticed and is far from a high-profile existence. It’s certainly no aspirational path to monetary success. EHSQ professionals aren’t often lauded or … Read more...

BRC Version 8 targets global food safety and quality assurance


Today’s food literally comes from everywhere in the world. The sourcing of it is now an international affair and assurance of food safety and quality is perhaps more important than ever.

Among those looking to bring uniformity to …