Navigating through Introversion: Four Proven Methods to Improve Collaboration When Working with Introverts

Contrary to general conceptions, being outgoing or assertive is not the only way to excel in our careers. In fact, many great leaders, innovators and artists are (or were) introverts.

As a child who was a serious introvert, I can empathize with those who are. It’s not a choice; rather, it’s what comes naturally. As such, group activities at school were, at times, more a source of anxiety than anything else. Over the years, my introversion lessened and eventually became a thing of the past.

However, that is not the case for many introverts.

In this blog, I’ll examine these challenges, and, more importantly, explore some solutions.

Common Misconceptions About Introverts in the Corporate Environment

Some common misconceptions about introverts, particularly in the context of the corporate environment, are:

  • They don’t exhibit strong leadership skills.
  • They are disengaged or uninterested.
  • They don’t like their job or their colleagues.

This can …

Why the Human Factor is as Important as Your Technology

In 1979, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) held a workshop at which it presented research demonstrating that the root cause of most aircraft accidents was human error and worker performance relating to poor critical thinking, lack of leadership, and miscommunication. The presentation was a response to the crash of United Airlines Flight 173 in Portland, Oregon in 1978, in which a landing gear problem forced the crew to circle the airport prior to landing. The captain focused on the landing gear problem for over an hour, missing frequent communications from his crew that the fuel supply was running low. The captain only realized his lack of situational awareness moments prior to the plane running out of fuel and crashing only a few miles short of the runway. Two crew members and eight passengers were killed. 

NASA therefore developed the practice of crew resource management (CRM). CRM addresses the human factor in teams … Read more...