Intelex featured in Quality Magazine’s 2011 How-To Guide

Here on the Intelex Blog, we love to preach the benefits of ISO 9001 certification, and how the right software solutions help facilitate fast, stress-free conformance.

Those interested in learning more about how to achieve ISO 9001 certification are encouraged to check out the latest edition of Quality Magazine’s handy annual How To Guide.

Head over to Quality Magazine’s website to view the latest issue of Quality Magazine. Click on the “How To” tab on the right and – in addition to reading the rest of the valuable magazine and guide – go to page 19 to read “How to Ensure Effortless, Ongoing ISO 9001 Certification and Perpetual Audit Preparedness” to learn, well, just that!


The advantage of web-based supplier management

While a supplier management system can be implemented without software, the benefits of establishing a software-based system are numerous and significant. Depending on how comprehensive the solution is, a software-based system can be capable of providing real-time metrics that can be accessed instantly with the click of a button, thus rendering an entire supply chain and vendor base transparent. Some critical features of a comprehensive software-based supplier management system include:

Supplier management and evaluation

The system should be able to register and categorize suppliers by company name, supplier number and performance rating as well as other details in a centralized portal. The system should use this information to schedule, notify, and archive all supplier evaluation activities and results and develop a consistent supplier rating program with customizable surveys.

Risk management and continuous improvement

To avoid quality issues and ensure all elements of the supply chain run at peak performance, the supplier management … Read more...

North American Summit on Food Safety a hometown treat for Intelex

The North American Summit on Food Safety held in Toronto on March 8 – 9 was a clear success. 

Attendees from all over North America gathered alongside successful vendors to address the most crucial safety topics in the food industry to date.  The Food and Beverage Team from Intelex Technologies in Toronto took advantage of the opportunity to display key solutions on these issues, including products such as the Intelex Quality Management System, which helps ensure regulatory compliance and drive continuous improvement in the workplace.   

“It was a very informative conference with great presentations”, commented Bevin Lyon, a senior solutions expert from Intelex. “This gave us a chance to meet with our valued clients, such as Campbell’s Soup Company and Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee.”

 Intelex looks forward to the next Food and Safety Summit in 2012, with hopes that it will be conveniently close to home once again.… Read more...

Quality’s expanding role: from manufacturing to marketing

Given the broad scope of applicability quality management has adopted in the past two decades, it is understandable that some level of abstraction clouds its purpose.

Before ISO 9001 — indeed, before its 1971 precursor, BS 9000, a set of standards published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to guide quality management in the electronics industry — and even before the popularity of statistician and quality management pioneer Edward Deming, the need for robust quality management was quite concrete, especially in a military context.

During World War II, the inadvertent detonation of munitions in a weapons factory as the result of sloppy handling or process oversight carried particularly disastrous results: the loss of life, raw materials, time, money, manpower and military advantage. It was this very context that spurred the consistent documentation of specific control processes and procedures; the methodical execution of activities that conformed to documented standards; and the ongoing … Read more...

40 years of OSHA milestones, visualized

On April 28, America’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will celebrate four decades of making U.S. workplaces safer. In advance of the big day, OSHA has released a new, interactive timeline outlining the organization’s biggest milestones over the past 40 years.

“Today workplaces in America are far safer than forty years ago,” OSHA Administrator David Michaels noted in a press release issued today. “Our progress gives us hope and confidence that OSHA will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of our nation’s 130 million workers, and their families.”

Wondering when the Vinyl Chloride standard was implemented? How about the safety standards for fall protection? Or shipyard fire protection rules? It’s all in the comprehensive and easy-to-use OSHA timeline (also viewable in flipbook, list and map formats), complete with one-click access to additional information about each milestone and event.

OSHA’s effect on American workplaces since its inception … Read more...