Take a trip to Planet ISO

As a youth I remember passing large industrial buildings in my hometown featuring large signs emblazoned with one straightforward message: “ISO 9001 Certified.”

Though my father was a quality assurance manager at a large mining company, at the time I really had no idea what the statement meant. I figured ISO certification was a good thing, but couldn’t explain what it was. Now that I live in the world of environment, health, safety and quality, I have a pretty good grasp on what ISO standards are all about, but at the time, I really could have used a visit to Planet ISO.

Whether you’re new to the world of ISO standards or not, chances are you’ll find some value in the Planet ISO YouTube channel. The page contains a ton of useful videos on everything ISO, including:


Grand Teton Lodge targets paperless office with Intelex software

First step: streamline environment management. Next step: go paperless.

Yes, in it’s effort to become a leader in environmental sustainability among peers in the tourism and hospitality industry, Wyoming’s Grand Teton Lodge Company has set the exciting goal of going paperless in 2011, with the help of Intelex software.

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‘Green’ is the word at sustainability networking event

The coffee’s still black, the sugar’s still white, but ‘Green’ is the word at Canada’s premier business sustainability networking events, the Green Cafes.

Green Cafes are local events that bring business owners and environmental professionals together to generate new ideas and strategies to bring sustainability and green leadership to businesses across Canada.

On Wednesday, September 22 (tomorrow), sustainability leaders will come together to brainstorm a list of the top 10 strategies for greening the workplace at the second Toronto Green Café.

Intelex Marketing Manager Kristy Sadler, who moonlights as a David Suzuki Ambassador, will participate in and help coordinate this week’s event.

“Green Cafes offer businesses a unique occasion to swap ideas about green workplace practices – whether those in the discussion are new to the idea of an environmentally-friendly office or are the leader of their company green team,” she says.

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350.org sets realistic climate goals

Ever find the world of global warming a little overwhelming?

Between myriad climate initiatives, myths and misinformation, piles of studies, and countless websites and advocacy groups, it's tough to make sense of it all.

True, there may be a bit of an information overload surrounding climate change. But one new organization is simplifying things. And it's accomplishing this by viewing climate change through the lens of a magic number: 350.

Essentially, according to scientific consensus and a seminal report by Dr. James Hansen—perhaps the world’s most venerated climate change researcher—350 ppm (parts per million) is the safe upper limit for atmospheric carbon dioxide. So 350.org was launched to make that number a focal point of achievable, realistic action on climate change.

The bad news is we’re above this value currently, with CO2 at about 390 ppm, which is one of the highest values ever. Actually, we’re pretty much exactly … Read more...

Full disclosure: A report on reporting

Is your business considering sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting? What will it be: CERES? GRI? CDP? FRP? A4S? WBCSD? Or IIRC?

Phew. That’s a lot of acronyms for what’s really a simple premise: reporting on sustainability and CSR data to stakeholders and the public at large. The above organizations are all associated with voluntary reporting frameworks that organizations can use to standardize sustainability and CSR reporting. While the frameworks differ in scope, to sort out any potential confusion, here’s a quick rundown of each:

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): Based in the UK, CDP brings together investors and works with large corporations around the world to develop effective carbon reduction strategies and disclose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data. Less a sustainability/CSR reporting framework than an emissions reporting organization, CDP’s scope is nonetheless broad: it publishes emissions data accounting for more than a quarter of global air emissions associated


CSA Standards and The Climate Registry Join Forces In Support of Consistent Emissions Reporting

As announced in a press release on August 19th 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has recently been established between two of the major players in the Canadian standards and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions industries. Leading Canadian standards-based solutions organization, CSA Standards, and the leading North American GHG registry, The Climate Registry, have come together through the MoU to more closely align the two organizations in regards to supporting a consistent GHG measurement and reporting culture in Canada. The partnership solidifies the collaboration between the two organizations to promote the voluntary reporting of GHG emissions to The Climate Registry as well as the adoption of The Climate Registry’s platform for mandatory reporting among Canadian jurisdictions. The MoU also strives to improve upon and create new training opportunities and capacity building programs related to The Climate Registry as well as for general GHG accounting, verification, reporting and tracking.

With …

New ISO Quality Management System Standards For Auto Suppliers

As announced in an article posted on Quality Magazine's website, a new ISO standard defining the Quality Management System requirements for suppliers to the automotive sector has just recently been published. ISO/TS (Technical Specification) 16949:2009 was jointly developed by the members of the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and submitted to The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for approval and publication. The new document comes in the wake of a review conducted of its predecessor ISO/TS 16949:2002 which was carried out by the IATF and ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 176. No major changes to the standard’s technical requirements have been made; instead the updates mainly consist of improvements to management requirements to reflect the content of quality management systems standard ISO 9001:2008 and an improved consistency with the environmental management system standard ISO 14001:2004.

The 2002 version has been used by major automotive manufacturers to approve the more than 35,000 … Read more...

Intelex is Making Moves in South America

A recent article published on Business News America's website addresses Intelex Technologies growing presence into the South American market. During an interview with journalist Renzo Dasso, Intelex Account Manager Jason Fitzpatrick explained how an increased awareness surrounding environmental considerations has been a motivating factor for many organizations to begin implementing web-based environmental management systems, despite the current economic climate, "We have done quite well in spite of the global financial crisis. The environment industry is developing rapidly and companies are becoming more aware of these issues, which for us is an advantage."

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Make Your Job Easier with the OpenPass API

Technologies has released its latest software innovation, the Intelex OpenPass
API, a revolutionary application programming interface that will enable its
users to sync and report data between multiple business management systems.

The Intelex
OpenPass API functions as a conduit for seamlessly feeding data between
multiple software programs. This means that Intelex’s environment, quality, and health & safety, and business management Software can now share data with pre-existing
business software applications; thereby, saving time and resources while
maintaining a degree of accuracy that’s difficult to achieve when data is
transmitted manually.

The City of Calgary
and St. Gobain are the first Intelex clients to take advantage of the OpenPass
API.  The City of Calgary used our
OpenPass API to import employee and location data from their pre-existing HR system
into their Intelex System. They also used the OpenPass API to export employee
injury data (i.e., incident number with date …

EPA Proposes Nation-Wide Greenhouse Gas Reporting

On March 10, 2009 the United
States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced a proposal for the first
nation-wide system for reporting greenhouse gases.

"The new reporting requirements
would apply to suppliers of fossil fuel and industrial chemicals, manufacturers
of motor vehicles and engines, as well as large direct emitters of greenhouse
gases with emissions greater than a threshold of 25,000 metric tons per year." March
10, 2009 EPA News Release.

Organizations effected by the new
regulations would be required to submit their first annual report to the EPA in
2011, with the exception of automobile and engine manufacturers who would
submit their first report for model year 2011.

If you’re interested in learning how your organization can begin
to track and report greenhouse gases submit a request for more information
or ask for a live demo.…