Do office betting pools improve workplace culture?

As March Madness gets into full swing, a new survey just released suggests that office betting pools have gained acceptance among workers and can have a positive influence on workplace culture. The Vault 2013 Office Betting Survey found that 70% of their respondents participate in office betting pools and many claimed that such activities work to enhance workplace morale and help build and develop stronger relationships in the office.

Corporate policies surrounding office betting are often unknown or unclear to workers. The survey results supported this notion with nearly half (49%) of respondents indicating they were not sure if it was allowed in their office, 11% reported they do have policies in place and 39% reported they have no policies at all.

As far as what people are betting on, the NCAA March Madness Tournament is the most popular, with the Super Bowl and NFL regular season following. Here is the … Read more...

6th Annual Intelex Vision Meeting Highlights 2012 Success and 2013 Goals

Intelex held its 6th annual Vision Meeting last Thursday November 22nd at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. The Vision Meeting is attended by all Intelex employees, is hosted by Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine and consists of a full day of presentations reviewing the previous year’s successes and looking forward at what goals and achievements need to be accomplished in the coming year. Team building activities are conducted throughout the day which finishes off with a casino party complete with dinner, open bar, a DJ and lots of prizes.

Highlights this year included the annual “Intelex Jingle Competition” where groups of Intelexians show off their creativity to create and sing their own jingle about Intelex, and the introduction of “Intelex Champagne,” a new Intelex HR management application that will be rolled out internally.

Thanks to all Intelexians for attending and we are already looking forward to next year!

Pictured …

Fiscal Year 2012: A ‘Social’ Year in Review

As the Fiscal year closes organizations often take time to look back and celebrate the success of the year that has past. One area that is often over-looked (and for good business reasons) is the social calendar.

After a Poll of Random Intelexians, here are what we think are the Top 6 Intelex Social Events of 2012:

  1. Holiday Party RetreatAfter last year’s unbelievable weekend in Deerhurst, this could be the most anticipated event of Fiscal Year 2013!
  2. Vision Meeting Taking place each November Intelex’s Vision Meeting is an opportunity for our organization to gear up and focus on our Goals and strategic plans for the coming year. Below is a link for Vision Meeting 2011!
  3. User ConferenceEvery September we cherish the opportunity to connect and strengthen our bond with our customers. This is an event focused on best practices of our software, and showing some appreciation

Intelex cruise was a big splash!

Over the weekend Intelex employees had a chance to cruise the open water of Lake Ontario aboard the Northern Spirit  for an evening of good food, amazing views, eclectic dancing and lots of laughs. This was the Intelex team building event of the summer and it did not disappoint.

Some highlights of the night included an appearance from Intelex’s very own Captain Japes (seen below), an epic dance-off between Intelex Sales Team Lead Steve Buffett and Everyone, and a special rendition of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger song, otherwise known as Moves Like Phyper, affectionately named after John Phyper, our EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances.



Intelex has a green thumb or two

At a companywide meeting in May the Intelex Green Team announced a set of initatives they would be putting into motion with one being the installation of an organic garden on the Intelex rooftop patio.

With a dedicated team of green thumbs, the garden is now in full swing with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, swiss chard, herbs, beans and flowers. The garden concept was brought to life thanks to the help of Landscape Architect, Luke Jefferson, from Pop-Up Gardens who came up with the plan and materials for creating our unique milk crate garden.

Now the garden is cared for by more than 17 Intelex volunteers who follow a watering schedule that even includes weekends! 

The garden has been a great addition to the work environment here at Intelex. Many have already found it to be a therapeutic break from the busy work day, spending a few relaxing minutes watering, examining the … Read more...

Intelexians lace up for first ever Biggest Loser Challenge

Intelexians have been participating in an internal biggest loser competition over the past month and participants held their first Biggest Loser Challenge last week.

In order to complete the challenge each participant first had to complete 10 pushups, 10 crunches and 10 burpees. From there they were instructed to head down the seven flights of stairs from the top of the building to the main floor to be greeted with a nutrition-based, skill-testing question. If the question was answered correctly they were to head back up the same flight of stairs. If they got it wrong, however, they were slapped with a penalty of running around the outside of the Intelex building before going heading back up the stairs to the seventh floor. 

Team “Weapons of Mass Reduction” came out on top with this challenge and saw the same results during the mid-point weigh-in, with Rob Calquhoun leading the way … Read more...

Beating the heat with Beach Summer

What a scorcher.

Here at Intelex HQ in Toronto, Canada, it is the hottest day of the year. At a rare 38°C (100 F), with a humidex of 49°C (120 F), it is hotter in the world’s second coldest country than it is almost anywhere in the U.S., including the entire state of Florida.

But though the weather may be hot, there’s still work to be done.

Fortunately, Intelex is in the midst of a Beach Summer. One-upping the typical ‘casual Fridays’ featured at many businesses, Intelex has gone all out. A Beach Summer basically means employees can wear any clothing that would be acceptable on a beach. No, not that kind of beach. A normal beach. Flip-flops. Shorts. Sunglasses. Hats. You name it.

While Intelex usually designates August of any given year a Beach Month, recent successes (and a string of hot weather) have resulted in July becoming a … Read more...

Intelex Rides to Extend Lives!

A team of Intelexians participated in the Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on Sunday, June 5, 2011, and the weather could not have cooperated more.  Clear, sunny skies and warm temperatures made ideal riding conditions as Toronto shut down the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway for the annual event.

Demonstrating our commitment to healthy lifestyles, Team Intelex flexed its leg muscles and assembled the finest team of cyclists/athletes to participate in this worthy cause. The team got off to a slow start trying to meet up at the Better Living Centre Corporate check-in. Latecomers and a delicious breakfast of cheese omelette and sausages resulted in miscommunication, a late team photo session, and people being missed at the starting gate.

Once together though, the Intelex peloton shifted gears and refocused its energy to set off on their respective 25- and 50-kilometre routes. The morning ride was a wonderful … Read more...

Intelexians swing into spring at first annual golf classic

Westview Golf and Country ClubIntelexians recently gathered at the Westview Golf Club north of Toronto for the inaugural Intelex Annual Spring Classic.

Five teams participated in this rainy Saturday event, but only one team would have its members immortalized as the first players to win the tournament. It was a hard-fought battle that saw two teams post a respectable four over 76 in a tie for second, while one team brought their A game, posting a three over 75 to win the tournament and the title.

But the day was not all about scores. Other notable achievements included Augustine “boom boom” Chan wining the Long Drive Competition and Bevin “pin hunter” Lyon taking home the prize for landing a drive closest to the pin.

There were also a few stories that made the day memorable as well. Anthony Cogliano tapped into his inner “Happy Gilmore” to provide a unique and effective contribution to the … Read more...

Intelex celebrates 3rd annual Ted Grunau Day

On February 18th, Intelex employees spent the afternoon together honouring Intelex founder and former CEO Ted Grunau. Intelexians enjoyed a catered lunch and an awards ceremony to recognize employees for exhibiting qualities and strengths that Ted valued most. February 18th was Ted’s birthday and Ted Grunau Day is a way for us to both remember him and introduce his legacy to new members of the Intelex team.

Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine hosted the event and along with the usual awards presented, this year he added two special awards: Manager of the Year and Executive of the Year.

Congratulations to all award winners and nominees on being recognized by your peers!

2011 Award Recipients:

Rising Star
Katsu Takeuchi

Operational Excellence
Gretchen Herrada

 Notable Person of the Year
Yi Zhang

Technical Innovator of the Year
Craig MacGregor

Business Builder of the Year
Jason Fitzpatrick

 Hardest Worker of the Year