Intelex Lays Down Gauntlet in Tech Fitbit Challenge

It’s no secret that the tech industry is highly competitive. It’s also not a secret that sitting is considered the new smoking. That’s why we here at Intelex have decided to take a step in the right direction to encourage active living (and a little healthy competition).

So we laid down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to our peers in the tech community to a good old fashioned fitness competition. And all this in the name of charity. The goal of the challenge is to be the most physically active company – measured in steps. Shoplogix, PointClickCare, 360 Incentives and Accelerated Connections have accepted challenge in style (see #TechStepsUp twitter feed).

The Tech Fitbit Challenge officially kicks off on February 1st (This weekend!). Super Bowl viewing parties may take precedence and hinder activity this weekend, so it might be a slow start out of the gate… Guess we shall … Read more...

Intelex Employees Help Feed Our Future

You may have heard that Intelex makes great software, but did you know that we also make a mean sandwich?

Last week, a few members of Intelex’s Global Support Services team took some time out of their busy work schedules to volunteer for a great cause: Second Harvest’s “Feeding Our Future” program.

The Feeding Our Future program provides lunches for hungry kids in city camps, ensuring that children who receive subsidized lunches during the school year also receive at least one nutritious meal a day while attending summer camp.

To meet the demand, volunteers make hundreds of delicious and nutritious lunches every single weekday in July and August. Our Intelexians had a great time making sandwiches and learning a little bit about food safety at the same time (check out Joonha’s  stylish hair net/baseball cap!)

Intelex truly believes in giving back to the community and supporting its employees in … Read more...

Intelex’s Corporate Concierge – At Your Service!

We are pleased to announce the addition of our latest perk to our extensive list of employee benefits and perks! The first-ever Intelex Corporate Concierge was introduced this past June. As a growing company this new role will ensure that Intelexians are always happy, efficient employees.

Jerry Furtado joined our team in June as Intelex’s first Corporate Concierge. Jerry was the lead host concierge and events liaison for the Drake Hotel for 10 years. Jerry brings a wealth of experience providing outstanding customer service and events support, which is perfect for his new role at Intelex.  

The role of the Corporate Concierge will be to provide group services for our employees and their spouses, including initiatives such as “Bring Your Dry Cleaning to Work” days, group discount offers for surrounding attractions, keeping employees’ significant others happy by assisting with dinner reservations and providing gift ideas, developing seasonal programs and acting … Read more...