Injury reports in pharmacies suggest extra caution during peak flu vaccination months

A recent NIOSH study examined the reported incidence of needlestick injuries at a US nationwide pharmacy chain and revealed a few valuable conclusions. From 2000 to 2011 there were 33 needlestick injuries reported by 31 different pharmacy locations. Of these 33 injuries, 24 (73%) occurred from September through January, the period during which flu vaccinations are commonly administered.

Overall incidence of needlestick injuries was low, with annual incidence of needlestick injuries at these pharmacies ranging from 0 to 3.62 per 100,000 vaccinations. Injuries were most likely to occur after needle use and before disposal (58% of reported incidents). Additionally, researchers warned that needlestick injuries are often underreported.

The researchers believe that many if not all of the needlestick injuries they reviewed were likely preventable. Their recommendations included better tracking of injuries and following needlestick prevention guidelines. Vaccination providers can hopefully learn from the observations made in this study and … Read more...

New Intelex Case Study: BA Blacktop

We’re excited to share our recently released case study regarding BA Blacktop’s success with Intelex’s Quality Nonconformance and Standard Safety Incidents applications.  With unique objectives to streamline and unify their Quality and Safety management programs to improve tracking and monitoring processes, BA Blacktop turned to Intelex to help them achieve these goals.  The end result was remarkable, including a 56% reduction in spills since 2009, noticeable improvements in insurance premiums over the past 3 years, and 18% reduction in motor vehicle accidents since 2009 to name a few.

To learn more on how BA Blacktop utilized Intelex solutions to ensure a strong reputation and driving force towards success in the construction industry, check out the case study today! 

Download today!

The third annual Aberdeen Report – Environmental, Health and Safety: Going Beyond Compliance

So you’ve recognized the need to re-evaluate your Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program. Now what? For starters, it’s important to address all regulations to ensure compliance within your specific industry.  By meeting these criteria, your company can better manage risks and unexpected adverse events in the workplace, and gain more control in return.

In its recently released third annual report, Environmental, Health and Safety: Going Beyond Compliance, Aberdeen delivers information on vital EHS initiatives within an organization and outlines how technology solutions can be key contributors to establishing an organizational roadmap towards compliance and beyond. 

The main points outlined in the report include pressures on driving a focus on EHS, overcoming organizational resistance to implementing an EHS strategy, and enabling visibility into critical EHS performance data and compliance mandates.  With inspiring case studies on consolidation and successful environmental system streamlining, this report provides many significant factors involved in implementing … Read more...

In the heat of the moment

‘Water, rest and shade’ are the three key components U.S Secretary of Labor, Hilda L. Solis, will be focusing on promoting to outdoor workers in the upcoming summer of 2012.   It’s all part of OSHA’s recently launched national outreach initiative to raise awareness over the dangers of working outside in hot weather. 

Every year, heat exhaustion reaches thousands of outdoor workers in industries such as roofing, construction, transportation, utilities, and landscaping, to name a few.  While onsite, what employees may initially discover with simple heat rashes and cramps can often result in severe heat stroke or even fatality. 

Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, says these are workplace hazards that can be easily avoided with simple precautions.  “Anyone who works outside is at risk”, adds Michaels, “Drinking plenty of water and taking frequent breaks in cool, shaded areas are incredibly important in the hot summer months.”  To add to Read more...

Reimplementation of the Intelex system at CUC a success

Intelex Training Specialist Purdal Mya recently visited long-time client Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, to help the company reimplement a system they had purchased a few years ago but hadn’t been using to its full capabilities.

Purdal (pictured left with CUC employees) spent four days at the company’s main facility working with system administrators to configure the system and to set up user-security based homepages to make the system as user friendly as possible for CUC employees. Purdal also facilitated sessions to educate end users on the system and to train them on how to use it most effectively. Then, using data that employees had been entering in recent years, Purdal was able to create simple metrics for the entire company to see. These reports showed everyone what the system is capable of. Training was also provided for Intelex’s EHS Incident Management solution, which CUC is going to … Read more...

PAWA poised to give health and safety act biggest overhaul ever

For the first time since it was created more than four decades ago, the legislation protecting America' workers is about to get a new set of teeth.

The Protecting America's Workers Act (PAWA), currently before Congress' Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, represents the single biggest expansion of workers' rights since the 1970 establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which has only seen minor amendments in the intervening years. Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), spoke before the subcommittee last month in strong support of the passing of the proposed bill, HR 2067.

"The workplaces of 2010 are not those of 1970," he said during his March 16 address, underscoring the urgency of updating the legislation. "The law must change as our workplaces have."

The proposed bill's many changes to the original act include significantly increased civil penalties and prison … Read more...

Intelex To Provide Safety and Quality Management System For FBI’s Aviation Section

Intelex Technologies is pleased to announce the FBI’s Aviation Section as one of our newest clients. The Aviation Section will be implementing both the Intelex Safety and Quality Management Systems which were selected for their high level of configurability, range of functionality, ease of use and implementation, as well as their capability to securely track and report confidential and sensitive data.  The Intelex systems will be implemented across all locations and will be accessible to employees bureau-wide.

In search of a solution that would foster the collection of all safety metrics from multiple locations into one central and easy-to-access platform, the FBI’s Aviation Section also required the capability to generate a 360-degree view of all safety-related incidents across the entire organization, permitting internal audits, increasing transparency into processes, and identifying problematic areas. Intelex’s web-based Safety Management System allowed for this functionality, giving each location the ability to independently log incidents … Read more...

Virgin Atlantic Airways Taking Off with Intelex

Intelex’s Kulbir Bal and Meghan Mann just got back from another successful trip to Crawley, England where they spent two weeks at the Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) training facilities. It was the fourth trip for Kulbir and Meghan, who have been working with VAA to implement the Intelex System, which includes a number of configured Intelex Modules and the unlimited iFormsÒ Builder.

Meghan, seen here with Miss Suiteness, says VAA is really fun to work with; “they have a ‘work hard, party hard’ attitude, which is always a delightful combination. The project has been challenging at times, but the end product is well worth it. I anticipate the company’s future projects will be just as fun and challenging to work on.”

When asked about what makes VAA’s use of the Intelex System unique, Kulbir responded: “Users can virtually enter the system and begin capturing data without any formal training at all. Now … Read more...

Safety Changes for the Chemical Sector

Industry safety standards and regulations are constantly under review and analysis in an effort to continually improve upon them. The chemical sector is no exception, as governments worldwide are working to put the whole area of accident prevention in hazardous industries under greater regulatory control, the chemical sector is specifically increasing its emphasis on process safety. In a recent article from author Sean Milmo takes a look at some of the issues revolving around this movement.

Entitled "Chemical firms grapple with new approach to process safety data," Mr. Milmo's article first addresses the considerable pressure mounting towards the chemical industry to increase the scale of safety data reporting as a recent series of major accidents within the industry have resulted in a significant number of injuries and fatalities. These incidents have prompted both regulatory authorities and the general public to expect the chemical industry to step up preventative measures … Read more...

New FREE Content for Hazards & Risks!

Free Hazards & Risk Assessment content is now available on the Intelex-Exchange! View instructions on how to upload them directly into your Intelex System.


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