Barik IT Services snatches first annual ‘Partner of the Year’ Award as Intelex expands its global partner network

As we grow internationally, Intelex is seeking to partner with regional organizations that have an intimate knowledge of their markets and a superior EHS experience. In late 2009, Intelex and Barik IT Services entered a partnership agreement designed to expand Intelex’s presence in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Nearly three years and 23 clients later, Intelex’s brand identity in this region has been significantly accentuated as the result of the work of ur esteemed partners. Barik team is led by Mr. Rahamathulla, an EHS expert with an intimate knowledge of Oman and UAE markets. What started as a one-man show has turned into an 10-person-strong, Intelex-only team that provides business development and implementation services across the region.    

Year over year, the Barik team has managed to meet our clients’ needs and provide services that conform to Intelex standards. A common denominator during our regular market visits … Read more...

London calling Intelex over the pond in first international expansion

While Intelex has long boasted a truly global presence with an array of clients around the globe, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching our first international office in 2012!

Beginning in February, Intelex will be better equipped to provide service and support our UK, European and Middle East clients through our new beachhead, to be based in the west London borough of Chiswick.

The office will be headed up by Intelex’s VP of Sales, Stephen Ross, who couldn’t be better suited for the role. In addition to being a 10-year veteran of the company, he acquired his Masters in Environmental Management at Manchester University before beginning at Intelex. Of course, he shall henceforth be known as “Ross. Stephen Ross.”

Head to our Press Room for the full story. In the meantime, best of luck to Steve as he prepares to relocate in the New Year. Right oh!… Read more...

GRI releases updated sustainability reporting guidelines

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) released its newest, most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting guidelines yesterday, giving organizations around the world better direction towards sharing their sustainability accomplishments.

The G3.1 guidelines are considered both an update and completion of the third generation of GRI’s guidelines. The scope of G3.1 has been expanded to provide more comprehensive guidance on reporting details related to various organizational impacts, especially areas such as human rights, local community, and gender, enabling greater transparency on these and other issues. This is the first major update of the guidelines since the release of the G3 guidelines in October 2006.

Use this document, which helps organizations to produce relevant reports more easily, to determine if the expanded terms in G3.1 are relevant to your organization. Also check out this G3/G3.1 comparison chart to review the changes to the newest set of guidelines.

Since the GRI launched over …