Intelex discusses Oil and Gas safety management in ISHN

As in other high-risk sectors, workplace safety is of utmost importance in the Oil and Gas industry, where the smallest of near-misses and at-risk behaviours can result in devastating consequences for frontline workers, not to mention catastrophic environmental impacts. In light of this, it’s hard to believe some oil and gas companies still rely on archaic, paper-based systems for EHS management. Yet in spite of the adoption of state-of-the-art EHS management systems by some industry leaders, paper- and spreadsheet-based systems are still in widespread use.

That said, the trend is changing and businesses are increasingly beginning to see how streamlined EHS management systems are ultimately investments with great returns that help companies navigate increasingly complex regulatory waters. Learn more about this dynamic by checking out my article “Goodbye to paper and spreadsheets” in the most recent issue of ISHN (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News). You’ll have to register … Read more...

Intelex contributes to Oil and Gas Product News

Check out the recent Intelex article, When Paper Kills: The Perils of Reactive Management, in the latest issue of Oil and Gas Product News. Sure, the title sounds a bit dramatic, but when it comes to occupational health and safety, you can’t be too serious.

The story hones in on the sometimes archaic paper and spreadsheet-based systems that some Oil and Gas companies (not to mention businesses across all sectors) use to manage environmental, health and saefty (EHS) management data, particularly on oil rigs, drills, platforms and other worksites. 

The article, through a couple of hypothetical case studies, explores the difference between reactive, paper-based EHS management systems and the proactive, streamlined alternative, and discuss how the impacts on workplace health and safety, environmental impacts, time and eficiency, and bottom line/ROI significantly vary between the two systems.

So take a look, and let us or Oil and Gas Product News know … Read more...

Quality management and ISO 9001…in municipalities?

These days ISO 9001 has become such a pervasive term, and while some might not know exactly what it means, almost everyone has seen the words pop up on the sides of manufacturers, machine shops, and other industrial facilities.

But while the quality management standard specification can apply to literally any business in any industry, many are still surprised to imagine that its scope goes beyond the walls of discrete manufacturers and processing plants. Indeed, it even applies to municipalities. Except, instead of describing a process for how a bolt is tightened, in the context of a municipal corporation, ISO 9001 might dictate how a customer service call is handled. In either case, the underlying methodology for describing the processes will ultimately be similar.

Those in the municipal sector who are looking to develop or improve a quality management program shouldn’t miss our our feature webinar, Quality City: The value Read more...

Intelex and WD-40 Company Keep Documents Under Control

WD-40 For any company who deals with multiple manufacturers and suppliers in the production of their product, it can become problematic at times to ensure that the most recent and up-to-date versions of documents related product specifications and manufacturing processes are being used by these 3rd parties. This was one of the critical elements that WD-40 Company wanted to address when they were assembling their Quality Management System. It is for this reason that they selected Intelex to provide them with a solution to address their document management needs.

Leveraging Intelex’s web-based platform and document control module, WD-40 Company was able to create a centralized online portal, accessible to everyone involved in their manufacturing process around the globe, where they can access the most recent design specification and process documents to build from.

To read more about how WD-40 Company utilized Intelex’s web-based software solutions, read the article featured in Quality … Read more...

Intelex Chosen as TL 9000 Quality Management System For Telenor Pakistan

We’re pleased to announce that Intelex has been chosen by Telenor Pakistan to provide them with a web-based software solution designed to address all aspects of an effective telecommunications quality management program including document control, nonconformance and corrective-action tracking, and audits management, etc.

Telenor Pakistan is a subsidiary of Telenor ASA – a telecommunications service provider in 13 countries across Europe and Asia. Since its launch in 2005, Telenor Pakistan has become the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan to date, which as a result has contributed to its success as the fastest growing mobile network in the country, with coverage reaching deep into many of the most remote areas of Pakistan.

When Telenor Pakistan began shopping for a software provider, they identified several requirements for the solution that would best meet their needs, the top three being an easy-to-use document control system, a reliable audits management program, and … Read more...

Profiting Without Paper

Profiting Without PaperThe May 2009 issue of Information Week Canada features an article by Richard Bray called “Pushing paper, right out the door: How an Ottawa company wound up in a paperless place.”  The article focuses on the pains and successes that OCM Manufacturing experienced during the transition to a paperless office. After their first paper-based attempt at ISO 9000 certification failed and hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper had to be destroyed Michael Julian, CEO at OCM, decided that the second attempt at ISO 9000 compliance was going to be a lot different, it was going to be completely paperless! Post-transition Julian says “Ask anybody around here, they wouldn’t ever want to go to a paper system, in both ISO documentation and in manufacturing documentation.”

“The bottom line benefits of eliminating paper have meant money in the bank. Since the paperless push began, OCM Manufacturing has eliminated at least three … Read more...

The ASQ World Conference for Quality and Improvement: May 18-20, 2009

The ASQ World Conference for Quality and Improvement is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 18-20, 2009. This year, Intelex will be sending three representatives; Bevin Lyon, Daniel Marcus, and Tomas Kuras. The guys will be available for live demonstrations of our:

  • Quality Management System
  • Nonconformance & Corrective Actions Module
  • Document Control System
  • Training Management System
  • Supplier Performance Tracking Module
  • Audits Management System, and more.

If you’re already using Intelex’s software please stop by for a visit! It’s always great to catch up with clients.… Read more...

Make Your Job Easier with the OpenPass API

Technologies has released its latest software innovation, the Intelex OpenPass
API, a revolutionary application programming interface that will enable its
users to sync and report data between multiple business management systems.

The Intelex
OpenPass API functions as a conduit for seamlessly feeding data between
multiple software programs. This means that Intelex’s environment, quality, and health & safety, and business management Software can now share data with pre-existing
business software applications; thereby, saving time and resources while
maintaining a degree of accuracy that’s difficult to achieve when data is
transmitted manually.

The City of Calgary
and St. Gobain are the first Intelex clients to take advantage of the OpenPass
API.  The City of Calgary used our
OpenPass API to import employee and location data from their pre-existing HR system
into their Intelex System. They also used the OpenPass API to export employee
injury data (i.e., incident number with date …

Becoming Sustainable

With increasing concerns throughout the world regarding pollution, and the consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing the amount of paper usage is at the forefront of many activist campaigns and multi-national corporations’ agendas.

One tree is able to produce 80,500 sheets of paper. That much paper, although huge to the average person, is dwarfed in comparison to what the world requires. An astonishing 786 million trees are needed to meet the world’s paper demand for one year.  Of that, 1/3  is consumed in North America, resulting in 5 million tons of paper waste ending up in landfills every year. The harm in massive dumping of paper and paper products is that they emit methane gas while decomposing, a very potent greenhouse gas. With such drastic numbers, more companies are regarding recycling as an attractive option.

The reality is that corporations use massive amounts of paper in order to track policies, work … Read more...

Safety Is No Accident

Intelex would like to congratulate Metso Minerals on their newly implemented, global safety program! The following article was featured in Mining News Magazine and discusses Metso's proactive approach to safety.

Safety Is No Accident

Metso Raises the Bar with Global Standards

Mention safety to most mining industry people and their first picture is of protective headgear and reflective vests. But according to Chris Adkins, global health and safety specialist for Metso Mining's Life Cycle Services (LCS) team, the future of safety is more in software than in hardhats. "There'll come a time," he says, "when we'll be able to remotely monitor what every single job site is doing from a safety point of view."

To achieve this goal, the LCS team has launched a Safety Management System using Intelex, a web-based safety software application, which is both completely configurable and globally accessible. Best of all, according to Adkins, is the … Read more...