Roller Coaster mishap, India’s power crisis, workers’ compensation costs drop in 2010 and more on EHS This Week

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we take a look at the top stories in environment, health and safety news, including:

  • Cal-OSHA’s investigation of a scary roller coaster mishap.
  • A downward trend in workers’ compensation costs across the U.S.
  • Great news on wind power trajectories and a whole lot more.

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Until next week, enjoy the program!

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GAO report on safety incentive programs, OSHA’s new whistleblower committee, report on safety inspections and bottom lines, and more on EHS This Week

This week Kristy and I discuss interesting news on the effects of safety incentive programs, the fascinating impact of OSHA safety inspections on both the safety performance and bottom lines of organizations, OSHA’s new whistleblower protection advisory committee, and more.

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FAA Modernization, OHSA’s GHS implementation, overhaul and more on EHS This Week

In this episode of EHS This Week, Kristy and I discuss top stories from the world of environment, health and safety news for the past seven days, including OSHA citations, a milestone for GHS implementation, FAA modernization and more.

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