Profiting Without Paper

Profiting Without PaperThe May 2009 issue of Information Week Canada features an article by Richard Bray called “Pushing paper, right out the door: How an Ottawa company wound up in a paperless place.”  The article focuses on the pains and successes that OCM Manufacturing experienced during the transition to a paperless office. After their first paper-based attempt at ISO 9000 certification failed and hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper had to be destroyed Michael Julian, CEO at OCM, decided that the second attempt at ISO 9000 compliance was going to be a lot different, it was going to be completely paperless! Post-transition Julian says “Ask anybody around here, they wouldn’t ever want to go to a paper system, in both ISO documentation and in manufacturing documentation.”

“The bottom line benefits of eliminating paper have meant money in the bank. Since the paperless push began, OCM Manufacturing has eliminated at least three … Read more...

Using Technology to Cultivate a Culture of Safety

Workplace accidents and fatalities are a common occurrence, but many safety incidents could have been avoided through improved training management, accurate data reporting, internal audits, and generating a culture of safety within an organization.

The American Society of Safety Engineers has published a great, unbiased article titled “Technically Safe: Gaining 360◦ Visibility with Technology” by Peter Thiveos. The article addresses the key components of a successful safety management program, business rules and practical solutions, the value of designating a safety champion, and the benefits of using technology to improve an organization’s safety performance.

Mr. Thiveos speaks to the need for a comprehensive system that addresses multiple facets including; training and certification management, incident and observation management, records and document management, risk assessment, monitoring and audit management, and corrective action management. “While all these systems have inherent benefits independently, collectively they provide unparalleled functionality and improvements in managing, compiling and reporting … Read more...

Make Your Job Easier with the OpenPass API

Technologies has released its latest software innovation, the Intelex OpenPass
API, a revolutionary application programming interface that will enable its
users to sync and report data between multiple business management systems.

The Intelex
OpenPass API functions as a conduit for seamlessly feeding data between
multiple software programs. This means that Intelex’s environment, quality, and health & safety, and business management Software can now share data with pre-existing
business software applications; thereby, saving time and resources while
maintaining a degree of accuracy that’s difficult to achieve when data is
transmitted manually.

The City of Calgary
and St. Gobain are the first Intelex clients to take advantage of the OpenPass
API.  The City of Calgary used our
OpenPass API to import employee and location data from their pre-existing HR system
into their Intelex System. They also used the OpenPass API to export employee
injury data (i.e., incident number with date …

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

21 CFR Par 11Congratulations to Energizer on becoming 21 CFR Par 11

In the digital age, electronic records and signatures have
made paper documents and hand-written signatures an increasingly rare
occurrence. To address this shift in standard business procedures, the US Code
of Regulations instituted Title 21 CFR Part 11, which legitimizes electronic
records and signatures by clearly defining the criteria under which an
electronic record or signature can be accepted as valid. 

Industries most commonly affected by Title 21 CFR Part 11
typically fall under the regulatory standards established by the USA Food and
Drug Administration. To help our clients achieve Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance,
Intelex has added dual-signature functionality to our system. This means that
like Energizer, other Intelex Users can assign dual-signature authorization requirements to their critical business
records.…

Free Management Review Scorecards and Configurable Reports

Free Management Review Scorecards and Configurable Reports are now available on the Intelex-Exchange.  Learn how to import them directly into your Intelex System for effective Management Review Meeting reporting. 

Management Review – Overdue Scheduled Reviews
Management Review – Overdue Follow Ups
Management Review – Current Year Scheduled vs. Completed Meetings by Type
Management Review – Current Year Completed vs. Scheduled Meetings by Month

Management Review – Current Year Scheduled Reviews by Meeting Type
Management Review – Previous Year Reviews
Management Review – Follow Up History
Management Review – Current Year Follow Ups by Meeting
Management Review – Follow Ups Next 90 Days
Management Review – Completed Follow Ups Last 30 Days

Becoming Sustainable

With increasing concerns throughout the world regarding pollution, and the consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing the amount of paper usage is at the forefront of many activist campaigns and multi-national corporations’ agendas.

One tree is able to produce 80,500 sheets of paper. That much paper, although huge to the average person, is dwarfed in comparison to what the world requires. An astonishing 786 million trees are needed to meet the world’s paper demand for one year.  Of that, 1/3  is consumed in North America, resulting in 5 million tons of paper waste ending up in landfills every year. The harm in massive dumping of paper and paper products is that they emit methane gas while decomposing, a very potent greenhouse gas. With such drastic numbers, more companies are regarding recycling as an attractive option.

The reality is that corporations use massive amounts of paper in order to track policies, work … Read more...

New Intelex Checklist/Questionnaire Generator

New Intelex Checklist/Questionnaire GeneratorWhat’s wrong with paper-based ISO 9001, workplace inspection, and audit checklists or questionnaires?  They’ve worked for years, right? Wrong.

The reality is that paper-based checklists/questionnaires are a relatively effective means of collecting information, but they’re extremely ineffective in terms of reporting capabilities. Not to mention that human error associated with manually inputting data from hundreds or even thousands of questionnaires commonly skews results and wastes valuable intellectual resources.

So what can you do to make your next organization-wide questionnaire more efficient and worthwhile? You can use Intelex’s new Checklist/Questionnaire Generator Tool. This new functionality enables organizations to send out questionnaires, collect answers, compile data, and report the results in a series of easy-to-read, real-time reports. The automated process also means greater reporting accuracy, which in turn enables more accurate forecasting, target setting, etc.

The Intelex Checklist/Questionnaire Generator can replace any paper-based form. Specific examples include:

  • ISO 9001 checklists
  • Supplier Evaluations
  • Workplace

High ROI Reported for Performance Management Systems

Bersin and Associates, an Oakland, California based research and advisory firm, recently released the results of a comprehensive survey on employee performance management. The survey revealed several nuggets of wisdom, but the finding that jumped out the most for me was the fact that more than 85% of organizations reported seeing demonstrable positive impact after implementation of a performance management system. That's a pretty impressive satisfaction rate. The survey involved more than 700 respondents, thirty percent of whom were employees of companies in the top 100 of the Fortune 500.

Business Performance Mangement