New Audits Management Reports & Scorecards

New reports and scorecards for the Intelex Audits Management Module are available to be downloaded for free from the Intelex-Exchange.

Once you've used the reports post a comment to let us know how they've made your job easier. Or post a comment with suggestions of reports or scorecards that you'd like to see built.


Audits Scheduled in Next 90 days
Lists all the audits that are scheduled for next 90 days.

Completed Audit Results

This report lists all the audits that have been completed in the last 3 months.

Upcoming Audits by Type
Grouped report listing all the audits upcoming for the current year.

Audits by Person Responsible

This report displays a list of Audits that are scheduled for the current year and grouped by Person Responsible.

Follow-Up Actions by Audits

Grouped report showing the Follow-Up Actions that are required after conducting the audits.

Scheduled Audits This Year by

The Benefits of EQH&S Self-Auditing

With an ever-changing series of governmental regulations, environmental, quality and health and safety compliance can be a formidable task.  Accordingly, the consequences of this task not being met can have catastrophic consequences.  Thus, many organizations have looked inward to meet these challenges.

Internal auditing, or self-auditing, is a tool that is increasingly used to address this challenge.  As the term "self-audit" indicates, compliance audits are performed by an organization's own personnel, or by an outside third-party retained on its behalf.  Self auditing is consistent with the notion that good decisions are made based on sound information.

For more information about the benefits of self auditing, an EH&S checklist, as well as a how-to-guide, please view the Basics of EH&S Self-Auditing, by Fred N. Rubel, available on… Read more...