Ensuring API Q2 Compliance

Following the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reviewed the incident and proposed a new set of standards designed to prevent such accidents and minimize potential repercussions in similar instances.

Introducing API Q2
The existing API Q1 standards were similar in nature to ISO: 9001, centered on working towards continuous process based improvements for each organization. The new standard that was proposed, API Q2, is focused on increased awareness and the ongoing mitigation of risk throughout the entire operation. Aside from organizational based processes, this standard also focuses on Supply Chain Management, Quality of Service and Maintenance and Management of Change.

By adopting a more holistic approach, similar to the Toyota model of Plan, Do, Check, Act, operators will be required to assess risks affecting employee safety, environmental aspects and quality of service. Through proactive identification of risks, organizations will be able to further recognize potential risks, … Read more...