What is ISO 9001? Facts You Should Know (Infographic)

ISO 9001 standards address various aspects of quality management. If ISO certification is something your business is considering this infographic outlines some facts and figures that can help you learn about the various ways the standard might have an impact.

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3 thoughts on “What is ISO 9001? Facts You Should Know (Infographic)

  1. I think it’s very impressive that there are nearly 20,000 individual ISO standard. I really like the fact that it is used to provide guidance and tools for companies that want to ensure their products. It’s great that there is a system to help people show that they care.

  2. Very Impressive infographic. There are various benefits the business can get when it’s certified to ISO 9001. In many blogs, I have read the importance of ISO 9001 Certification. But, this infographic is something different. Yes, I like.

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