Learnings from Safety Professionals: Biggest Challenge in Building Safety Program

Learnings from Safety Professionals

February, 2017, our EHSQ Community had a Mastermind session with Jake Thiessen and Keith Voykin, hosted by Tamara Parris, to discuss the challenges EHS Professionals face building their safety programs in the workplace.

During our sessions we had just over 30 community members share their views, challenges and insights learned through their work experience on our workplace safety issue.

From our “Member’s Voice” discussion we learned 27 members have personally experienced challenges when trying to gain Organizational Buy-In to their safety program.

Which is a good indicator many EHSQ Professional are facing this challenge.

A suggestion Jake shared with us, to help with the challenge of gaining buy-in from all levels of the organization, it is important to develop the different strategies needed to generate the desired buy-in at the various levels.

With buy-in one of the questions that must be answered is where do you start?

Jake shared, what …