The Conscious EHSQ Conversation: Our First with Vinay Nair, SVP of Marketing

The Conscious EHSQ Conversation

The company announcement has been made, the press release published, and the personal notice made to his social network; now, Vinay Nair shares why he came to Intelex, a leading provider of Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Management (EHSQ) software, and how the mission of the company and its customers aligns with his own personal beliefs.

Vinay, tell us about your introduction to Intelex and the EHSQ industry.

When I was first approached about the Senior Vice President position at Intelex, I was surprised to say I was unaware of the company and knew very little about the EHSQ market. Having been an analyst that had covered the Canadian Enterprise Applications market, I prided myself on knowing the key players in the country. All this time, Intelex had grown into a formidable SaaS company right in the heart of Toronto and I missed it. But once I was introduced … Read more...

Intelexian Kristen Duda Spotlighted at NAEM EHS&S Women’s Leadership Conference

naem womens leadership conference

Intelex is proud to have been represented at the NAEM Women’s Leadership Conference last week (June 20-22nd). The conference provided EHS&S professionals the tools and roadmap to grow and advance their careers. Along with an impressive group of women, Intelexians including Kristen Duda, Jasprit Gupta and Shannon Summers took part in the 2-day summit filled with inspirational speakers, exercises and a variety of activities designed to drive personal and professional growth.

Upon their return, Kristen shared her key takeaways from the conference:

1)     What was a wow moment for you from the NAEM EHS&S Women’s Leadership Conference?

NAEM Women's Leadership Speaker

Source: NAEM Twitter page

Sophia Danenberg told her story of summiting Mt. Everest. She was the first African-American woman to do so and was so incredibly humble about it, highlighting the boring nature of the planning and organization that goes into it. Her perspective on the planning, preparation, expedition, and life … Read more...

EHSQ Professional’s Voice: Workplace Violence Prevention

This month Community Expert, Mark Mann, lead our member’s discussion on Workplace Violence Prevention. He discussed workplace violence prevention and the challenges an EHS professional faces when identifying risks of violence within their workplace. Here is a recap of what Mark, and our EHSQ Community members discussed during the open discussion.

We invite you to view the Recording of the Live Member Open Discussion which inspired this month’s Learning’s from Safety Professionals post; “link to recording here”.

What does “workplace violence” include for you?

To begin the discussion, Mark asked our members to share their opinions on what they believe workplace violence can look like.

Workplace violence can include:

  • Everything from bullying to terrorism,
  • Past patterns or predictable violence,
  • Threats to person or property,
  • Intentional damage to operations,
  • Words and pre-attack indicators, and
  • Failure to share known warning signs (due to innocent ignorance or social stigma