Schreiber Foods Recognized for Quality Excellence!


Schreiber Foods Incorporated is a dairy company which produces, and distributes natural cheese, processed cheese, cream cheese, yogurt. Founded in 1945, the company is employee-owned, and headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Quality Excellence is awarded to a customer who has become a leader in quality management through the use of their Intelex System.

Schreiber Foods Incorporated uses Intelex corporate-wide to manage their audits, as well as their nonconformances. This ensures that they are always prepared for their audits, and that there is regular and thorough attention to their practices and processes. With the ability to share their nonconformances across their entire organization, Schreiber Foods is able to identify, contain, and notify all other sites when nonconformances occur. The result is a consistently high degree of quality in their products and processes.… Read more...

And the Winner of the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Environmental Stewardship is…Cabot Oil & Gas!


Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploitation, and exploration of oil and gas properties exclusively in the United States. Founded in 1989, Cabot Oil & Gas has operations in Pennsylvania and Texas, with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas.

Environmental Stewardship is awarded to a customer who shows outstanding contributions and leadership in environmental management through the use of Intelex Software.

Cabot Oil & Gas has taken significant steps to become an industry leader in environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. Using the centralized integrated Intelex system to manage their compliance to land, water, environmental, air, and waste regulations, the company is able to collaborate across the entire corporation to manage their regulatory needs. This approach has put Cabot Oil & Gas on the leading edge of the industry, as they look beyond mere environmental compliance, to reducing their environmental impact.… Read more...

Nexteer Automotive wins Supplier Management at this year’s Performance Excellence Awards!


Nexteer Automotive is a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. The company’s reach spans every region of the world, and includes 24 manufacturing plants, five regional engineering centers, eleven customer service center, and a system engineering center.

Supplier Management is awarded to a customer who has demonstrated exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction through the integration of their vender management software. To win this award, an organization must illustrate their company’s improvement since their implementation of Intelex.

Since 2014, Nexteer has used Intelex to automate their Supplier Management program for over 1,942 suppliers. Having enabled their suppliers to log in to the Intelex system and take an active role in Nexteer’s quality improvement processes, suppliers now use the Intelex system to collaborate with Nexteer on quality performance and future goals. For Nexteer this process is a requirement for any supplier looking to do business with the organization.… Read more...