Upcoming Intelex Client Webinars

We have three more FREE client webinars coming up, make sure to register and join in the fun!

How to Leverage Intelex Exchange v2 – February 11th

This introductory webinar is designed to take you step-by-step through the new Intelex-Exchange v2! Learn how to: create your profile & set your privacy settings; connect with the Intelex team and other Intelex users; post discussions & suggestions; register and watch free training webinars; download free dashboards, scorecards & reports; read eNewsletters, success stories & press releases; download Intelex user manuals & technical documents

Fun With Filters – February 18th

Providing an overview of filter behaviours & whereabouts in the Intelex System, this webinar will help you better utilize your filtering options! Don’t know where the Filters are? Not sure when to use quick vs. advanced? Need a refresher on how to use 'and', 'or', '(' or ')'? Want to see examples of when to use

Intelex is proud to announce the re-launch of Intelex-Exchange.com

Over the weekend, the Intelex team launched its BETA version of Intelex-Exchange v2 – our first major release since the client portal was born!

The new Intelex-Exchange still has all the valuable content you’re used to, but also boasts an online user community and social network which is sure to revolutionize the Intelex experience.

  • Get to know the entire Intelex Team with photos and personal bios included
  • Connect with industry experts and collaborate with other Intelex users
  • Participate in forum discussions and post your suggestions for improvements
  • Sign up for free training webinars and view past webinar recordings
  • Download free dashboards, scorecards, reports & more
  • Read client eNewsletters, success stories and press releases
  • Download Intelex user manuals, product brochures and technical documents
  • Stay informed with all things Intelex including webinars, conferences, contests, improvements, and more!

For more information about obtaining access to Intelex-Exchange, please contact Client Relations at 416.599.6009 x282… Read more...