How to Get an EHS Audit in Minutes With AI

An environment, health and safety (EHS) audit is a crucial element in an organization’s overall effort to ensure the health and safety of its workforce, to reduce its effect on the environment and to meet the many legal regulations set out by EHS agencies as well as other government agencies. Done properly, an EHS audit can confirm which processes and procedures are in place and working well.

Even more importantly, an EHS audit can identify areas of improvement that need to be addressed before any problems arise – problems that can result in hefty monetary fines, crippling reputational damage, or worst of all, worker injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, the traditional EHS audit process can be hampered by issues that threaten its efficiency and effectiveness. The expected amount of time to do an audit tends to be underestimated, especially the time required to properly prepare which can lead to incomplete evaluations. … Read more...