Intelex’s Summer Patio Party Season Kicks Off With a Mexican Fiesta!

Last week Intelexians kicked off the summer in style with one of our favourite Intelex traditions: company-wide parties during the summer months on our building’s gorgeous rooftop patio!  This year Intelex decided to encourage cross-department collaboration in planning these parties, and to spice things up a bit Intelex’s three floors are competing against one another in a patio party face-off.

The Challenge: Who can plan the best party?

The Prize: Bragging rights (priceless)

The 7th floor was up first, and they did not disappoint! The Finance, Marketing, Support, IT and HR teams banded together to celebrate the summer season with a Mexican Fiesta-themed party. The event offered Intelexians saucy sangria and magical margaritas to quench their thirst while they basked in the patio’s sun and caught up with friends across the company. Coworkers enjoyed tacos, nachos and churros in order to keep their energy up for piñata smashing! And as … Read more...