Health & Safety is a Team Effort: Industry 4.0 and IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are forcing companies to rethink their approach to health and safety. Digital transformation uses innovative IoT endpoints and their data to improve the company’s core business, but they make health and safety more complex than ever. When properly deployed and integrated, sensors, endpoints and devices improve the individual safety of workers and identify additional areas for process improvement. 

More connected workers, more devices, more data — this massive influx of information and capability requires an end-to-end solution that addresses new and evolving EHS challenges. A solution that can capture the data produced from edge devices, analyze it and organize it in meaningful ways to improve health and safety programs and processes. Intelex Technologies and Honeywell are working together to create an integrated EHS solution that solves the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and IIoT.  

The Number of Connected “Things”  

The global IIoT market will grow to $310 billion USD by 2023, and some of that growth will be from the increase in the number of “Connected Workers.” This means that the average industrial worker is going to be wearing and carrying multiple devices to help them do their job. Deployment, management and training … Read more...

Health and Safety 101 for HR Professionals

Workplace health and safety (H&S) programs protect an organization’s most important asset: its people. No one wants to see their people get hurt on the job (or at home, for that matter). A company’s Human Resources (HR) department plays an important role in championing, administering and communicating H&S requirements. In some organizations, HR is multi-hatted and owns the H&S responsibilities.

However, the ins and outs of H&S can be overwhelming. There are a number of things you can do to make it less so.

  • Recognize that you are not solely responsible. Form a team to help! A team or committee can help you identify H&S risks, communicate H&S requirements throughout the organization, and obtain critical input and buy-in for your H&S program.
  • Set a company policy. It is important to have an H&S policy for the organization to serve as the cornerstone of the H&S culture. The policy should outline

The Power of IT and EHS – It’s only the beginning

The innovative power of information technology (IT) will turn the EHS industry on its ear!

It’s still somewhat early days for the integration of IT and EHS workflow process, and the road being travelled by many organizations is to simply take the first step of moving beyond traditional methods of paper-based recording and tracking, and replacing these with electronic processes. But the way forward for businesses is a path to huge transformation.

As the saying goes – “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” So much more is looming.

Technology and innovation in EHS will be the topic of what should be a lively discussion during a forward-looking session at this week’s NAEM EHS Sustainability and Management Forum in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. on the topic of – Drones, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things: Leveraging Technology to Advance EHS. I’ll facilitate a discussion on the exciting potential and possibilities with … Read more...