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Jonathan Katz is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Katz is the former managing editor of IndustryWeek magazine, a B2B publication for manufacturing executives.

Safety Education is Redefined by Online Learning and Training Management Software

E-learning powered by training management software reaches employees who work remotely or in different locations and is the reason why distance learning became an invaluable tool during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The urgency to train employees on new workplace safety rules presents challenges for many Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) managers and corporate leaders. Digital learning platforms, centrally administered through training management software and systems, have become essential tools for companies and institutions in their efforts to deliver information and training quickly and effectively to employees. Online and blended-learning programs help workplaces reach employees no matter where they’re located.

However, effective e-learning programs require a strategic approach to the use of technology, content delivery and course development. The introduction of microlearning—the ability to deliver training content in short bursts of information—has elevated the way organizations conduct distance learning. It’s a way of presenting complex topics in an engaging way and without … Read more...