How to Handle the Aftermath of a Workplace Injury

Accidents happen – it’s an unfortunate reality for many employees, who are susceptible to accidents at work, and employers, who often are monetarily liable for medical bills and reparations after the fact. While the proper precautions can significantly lessen the risks associated with workplace injuries, employers should be aware of the proper processes following an accident.

To better control the safety of your individual employees, professional reputation and legal liabilities, follow these three must-do strategies.

1. Respond immediately

Acting fast after an employee is injured limits the risk of life-threatening complications. First, call 911 immediately following a workplace accident – even if wounds seem minor. Head and back injuries can surface hours, even days, post-incident, and many minor injuries worsen when left unaddressed. If an employee is resistant to being medically assessed, insist on their cooperation.

While waiting for medical professionals to arrive, you’re wise to address any injuries requiring … Read more...