Volunteering at Daily Bread Food Bank

Carmela with Intelex Training Specialist Steph DiRaddo

On Monday, April 25th, I was one of a few Intelexians who spent their afternoon at Daily Bread Food Bank to help sort through food donations from the organization’s Spring Drive. It was my first time volunteering at the Food Bank. For years I’ve donated food items and dropped them off at the local fire hall but I had never known or considered what happened to my bags full of canned tuna, KD, and pasta, or exactly how they reached people in need.

What happens is that the Daily Bread relies on people in the community to volunteer their time to sort the food and prepare it for distribution to various agencies across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). On the day that we volunteered, after a 10-minute lesson from our team leader, our group of 15 volunteers dove right in and worked very well together … Read more...

Virgin Atlantic to Fly High with Intelex

From their recent trip to Virgin Atlantic Airlines, headquartered in Crawley, England, UK, Senior Project Manager Kulbir Bal and Project Consultant Meghan Mann were happy to report that Virgin Atlantic will soon be flying high with Intelex!

Using Intelex’s iForm System to help meet a corporate wide initiative aimed at standardizing and improving health & safety practices and processes, this particular two week effort involved Kulbir and Meghan working closely with the Virgin Atlantic team, reviewing deliverables and gathering requirements for the next phase of Virgin’s implementation (including requirement gathering for a vast array of Configurable Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards, and Charting).

With minimal issues detected through the first round of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Kulbir emphasized that, “the implementation picture looks to be in focus and we should be ready for takeoff in early ’09!”

From an enjoyable, daily round trip bus ride to and from Virgin headquarters with other … Read more...

Eco Friendly City

During my first visit to Dallas I recall noticing a bumper sticker with the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas”. I remember being amused and wondering what that was all about. It happens to be the name of the anti-highway litter campaign organized by the Texas Department of Transportation.  Over the years, the lone star state has championed several similar initiatives and is recognized as a national leader in environmental sustainability.

This week, the City of Dallas further boosted the state’s reputation by achieving ISO 14001:2004 certification for its Environmental Management System.  EPA administrator Stephen Johnson commended the city for its commitment to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. The city’s EMS covers all 11 municipal departments and 13,000 employees. It is the widest implementation of an EMS in the country.  The city of Dallas was one of the first cities to purchase Intelex Environmental Management System software … Read more...

City Fleet Makes the Grade

The City of Kitchener’s fleet operations which run its vehicles and related equipment recently garnered an ISO 14001 certification. An organization is deemed to be certified after an audit performed by an independent body confirms that its EMS is up to snuff. This is a way to let the world know that it fully conforms to the requirements specified in the ISO standards.

The City of Kitchener is the largest municipality in the Region of Waterloo. The Region of Waterloo has had a lasting relationship with Intelex dating back to 1998 when they chose ISOsoft for their first Environmental Management System.… Read more...

Intelex and the City of Edmonton

Intelex is very proud to count the City of Edmonton among its growing list of clients.  The City of Edmonton is a vibrant prairie city that is located near the centre of the province of Alberta in western Canada.  They are currently utilizing Intelex’s Environmental Management System, Quality Management Suite, Quality Nonconformance module and iForms system.

Last year, two members of the Intelex team had the exciting opportunity to visit the City of Edmonton to provide tailored training for their team.  Angela Martin, Intelex Lead Project Consultant, and Nicky Jaine, Intelex Quality Assurance Team Lead, conducted iForms training and were happy to report it was a huge success!  There were 8 people in the class and they learned all aspects of building their own custom forms in Intelex’s iForms system, from the basic building of fields to creating inventory pages and routing.  They converted several paper based forms into online … Read more...

The City of Dallas’ Commitment to a Cleaner, Greener City

Continual improvement. Is it an optimistic notion? Newest buzz words? Or is it a new wave in management function? I know I have blog’d about it before, but after reading an article on the City of Dallas and their commitment to environmental management I couldn’t resist sharing what I had read. The City of Dallas is a fantastic example of what an organization can accomplish when it sets out to go beyond compliance.

Several years ago, the City of Dallas selected Intelex’s Environmental Management System as the tool to support their goal towards an environmentally healthy city.  This is by no means a small commitment. They are following through on their promise to not only comply with laws and regulations, but to “go beyond what’s minimally necessary and do the best work possible on behalf of the environment, the citizens and resources of Dallas.”… Read more...

Intelex and the City of Tempe

“Intelex’s compliance and document management modules have allowed the City of Tempe to achieve a higher level of compliance confidence than previously thought possible.  Tempe’s vision of consolidating all task-tracking and record-keeping activities necessary to maintain compliance into one desktop application has become a reality”, said David McNeil, Regulatory Compliance Manager at the City of Tempe.

Environmental management is a top priority for the City of Tempe.  They, like many organizations that employ Intelex solutions, must adhere to a diverse array of goals and objectives, including government regulations, internal initiatives, and community commitments.  Since implementing Intelex’s Environmental Management System, the City of Tempe has been able to focus their activities to ensure they effectively measure and monitor their activities as well as make sound decisions to encourage continual improvement into the future.

To learn more about Intelex’s relationship with the City of Tempe, read The City of Tempe Success StoryRead more...