OSHA’s Effects on Temporary Workers

In the past year, OSHA has broadened their initiatives to protect temporary employees from workplace hazards. This focus on the safety of temporary workers has tightened the standards for business owners looking to hire temporary employees. Organizations who fail to meet these standards face serious OSHA fines for violations and liabilities.

As a result of a recent death of a temporary employee, inspections revealed that many temp workers had not been fully trained or provided protective equipment, making them vulnerable to serious workplace hazards. These hazards included misuse of toxic chemicals, lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), lockout and tag-out protection violations, and more. These are only a few of the hazards temp workers are dealing with in the workforce.

To combat the lack of safety for temp workers, OSHA inspectors will assess whether employers who use temporary workers are complying with their responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and … Read more...

Mobility and construction: making better decisions

In today’s day and age, technology is the key to profitable project management. Mobile devices and construction software have been developed to improve operational efficiencies not only in the office but in the field as well.  Contractors who have implemented software to perform inspections, replacing spreadsheets, have noticed a positive difference to their bottom line. Mobile devices are now becoming much more accessible and affordable and allow the construction industry to become more efficient, see value into true numbers, and gain the ability to find a profit in every job.

In recent years, Construction businesses have witnessed a theme showing the important lessons come from companies enduring challenges and being pushed to their limits. Since then business owners have realized survival of the fittest is not determined by being the most well-known name in the market or simply just doing the best work. Rather, it is management through efficiency.

Efficiency