Changing Business for Good: Why I Do What I Do

Rowing in the same direction: Gavin Stephenson exlains why he’s proud to be part of the Intelex team.

(Gavin Stephenson is Director of Sales for Intelex in the EMEA region. He wrote this “blog” and posted it on LinkedIn with this explanation: “Intelex is on the lookout for great talent. Rather than simply posting a list of open roles, I wanted to explain why I do what I do … why I joined Intelex, why I love my job, why I think we are changing business for good and why this is a great opportunity for hungry, humble, smart people.”)

When I started my search for a new position some 3 years ago, I was keen to find a company that would be a long-term investment for me, I am not getting any younger after all!

It was also important to me to work for a company and with a … Read more...