5 Hallmarks of a World-Class Behavior Based Safety Program

What are some of the key aspects you should consider when implementing a behavior based safety system?

In an effort to improve safety performance, organizations are continuously challenged to find new ways to prevent incidents or injuries. A Behavior Based Safety system allows organizations to identify trends associated with at-risk behaviors in the workplace that can ultimately work to prevent incidents or injuries and cultivate a culture of safety.

Setting aside the unpredictable nature of industrial safety events, the identification and correction of potentially hazardous conditions or behaviors has a significant decreases the probability of an incident occurring. Whereas the traditional observe and report method may be compromised by personal motives, the objective of a Behavior Based Safety Program is to find the weaknesses of management systems instead of individual managers. These systemic deficiencies permit and perpetuate unsafe behaviors.

Unless this objective is understood and accepted at all levels of … Read more...