Integrated EHSQ Platform + Mobile Technology: 5 Opportunities for EHSQ Gains


Mobile technology in manufacturing and resource extraction industries are typically not thought to go hand in hand. Indeed, most employers discourage personal mobile devices from shop floors and from near any use with heavy equipment and transport. We all clearly understand why: personal consumer mobile applications are sources of distraction, putting safety at risk and productivity as well. While this is undoubtedly true, banning all use of mobile technologies may be holding your company back. Traditional health and safety investments at some point suffer diminished returns, especially if they are not modernized for the new workplace. Worse still, separate software for environmental compliance and yet again for Quality Assurance all threaten to replace manual processes with technical burdens. New social and mobile technology offers the opportunity to drive safety engagement, environmental compliance and quality assurance throughout an entire organization using a unified platform.

Employers should consider the potential that integrated …