What You Need to Know About the Latest Updates to ISO 45001

Guest Blog

Following publication of the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management, Draft International Standard (DIS) in February 2016, the International Committee met in Toronto in June 2016 to discuss over 3,000 comments which had been submitted. A ballot had been held which narrowly failed to support the current DIS.  It was agreed to produce a second DIS, expected in January 2017. If the following ballot is successful the final standard will be published in June 2017.  Meanwhile the first DIS has been withdrawn leaving those who did not see or obtain a copy wondering what need to know in order to prepare themselves for the advent of the Standard.

So what are the problems with the new DIS?  The discussions centered around changes needed to some key ‘Terms and Definitions’ such as ‘worker’, ‘participation’, and the definition of hazard. Changes were also proposed to areas such as ‘participation and consultation’, … Read more...