User Adoption of EHS Software: Best Practices from the Mining Industry

On Friday, June 17, Intelex had the pleasure of hosting senior leaders, program managers and consulting partners at its first ever Mining Thought Leadership session. Attendees came to our downtown Toronto offices from as far away as Utah and northern Quebec to share their ideas, best practices, and insights on the use of technology in their industry.

Specifically, they were there to discuss the best EHS software solutions, often referred to in the mining sector as Health, Safety, Environment, and Community (HSEC) management systems, underscoring the particular importance of community and stakeholder relationships for mining companies. Some of the event’s attendees were already using software systems to manage their processes, while others were just beginning to explore the opportunities. The mix made for some enlightening and thought-provoking conversations. In particular, the discussion centered around user adoption challenges and lessons learned.

The half-day event was designed to be interactive but was … Read more...

3 Things Overheard at the 2016 Petroleum Safety Conference

Banff Centre

Last week, the ENFORM Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC) brought oil and gas safety professionals together once again to connect with each other in beautiful Banff. Held once a year, the conference draws hundreds of participants and vendors with one purpose in mind: honoring the moral – and legal – obligation of ensuring employee safety in the oil and gas industry. Presentation topics ranged from cultivating safety culture to the challenges of addressing human error in safety programs, leaving everyone in attendance with lots of inspiration and food for thought. It’s a terrific conference to attend, made only more spectacular by the backdrop of the Rocky mountains.

I had the opportunity to attend this conference for the second year and to talk with many attendees. While everyone there had interesting stories and a unique perspective to share on the state of safety and the oil industry, I heard three common themes:


Collecting Data from the Field? Follow this Formula for Success!

A drill operator at an oil rig is looking tired and “out of it.” He’s yawning, his movements are slow, and he doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to detail.

Immediately, the supervisor relieves the drill operator of his duties and reassigns the task. He quickly enters the work observation in his iPad. His device has an offline mode that will sync up with his safety management system as soon as he has internet access again.

Back at the office, the safety manager’s dashboard updates in real time.

Sounds like a pipe dream? The technology exists now – the only barrier is getting end users to adopt it. The key to adoption is simplicity.

“If you want people to use it, you have to make it simple. As simple as possible,” a senior oil and gas safety VP said to me recently. With over 30 years in the industry, … Read more...