Blog: Looking Back on 2022 – EHS and ESG Make the Connection

Concerns and connections between environment, health and safety (EHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) were dominant topics of interest for readers of Intelex’s online resources in 2022.

Visitors to during this past year most often download reports and research on EHS and ESG, particularly insights that explored important links between the two practices. And it became a hot discussion topic in our blog posts and webinars conducted throughout the year and will continue as a key focus of our insights and analysis in 2023.

Our most downloaded content report for the year was the just-completed research with North American health and safety and ESG professionals that examined trends, top challenges and important opportunities in EHS and ESG. More than 1,200 Intelex website visitors have so far requested the report since it was made available in early November. Upcoming in 2023: stay tuned for our global report.

Other topics of high interest this year based on downloads included: safety culture development, ESG and EHS risk management, safety performance, the importance of data and the application of technology to improve EHS performance. In case you missed any of our great content, below is a list of and links to the top downloaded reports in 2022 and a short description of each.

North America Market Research – Big Ambitions. Complex Data. Limited Visibility: Here are the answers to what’s on the minds of EHS and ESG professionals in 2022 and their visions for the future.

What Every EHS Practitioner Should Know About ESG: Pursuing opportunities in ESG and seeking to improve a business’s ESG metrics propels an EHS professional’s career as a strategic thinker for their organizations.

Corporate and Safety Cultures – Working Better Together: When EHS truly matters to an organization the two go hand-in-hand and are intrinsically linked.

ESG and The Changing Face of Risk Management: Wondering how your organization might need to change the way it thinks about risk to meet the challenges of ESG?

The ROI of Safety – Making the Business Case for Safety and Health: Learn why and how investing in safety contributes to a more sustainable business model and greater resiliency for your company.

Determining the ROI of Safety – Why Data Matters: Discover the time and place for using ROI, what data to leverage and how ROI fits into a business case for EHS investment.

Better, Smarter, Cleaner – How ESG Inspires Technology Innovation: We count the ways and explain how ESG technology mitigates threats and helps organizations find opportunities to achieve their strategic goals.

Keeping the Human in Artificial Intelligence: AI is a perfect EHS fit for analyzing complex and ever-changing regulations, compliance, permits, consent decrees and other critical documents.

Evaluating Safety Program Performance: An ISO 45001 Checklist for EHS Professionals: Our gift that keeps on giving is this updated checklist to evaluate and take your safety performance to the next level.

Safety Management Systems – Building a Foundation on Data: Not all data are equal when it comes collecting what you need to support your safety management efforts and build a better system.

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