Arcadis: A Trusted Partner Offers Four Differentiators Shared by High-Performing EHSQ Programs

From filing cabinets to spreadsheets to technology: Arcadis and Intelex partner to change the way world-class companies approach EHSQ management systems.
From filing cabinets to spreadsheets to technology: Arcadis and Intelex partner to change the way world-class companies approach EHSQ management systems.

The landscape of EHSQ data management has changed quite substantially over the last 30 years. From the days of incident and inspection reports stored in filing cabinets to the spreadsheets and point solutions of a decade ago, Intelex has developed mature, enterprise EHSQ solutions to meet these changing and challenging demands.

Arcadis has been a growing and trusted partner of Intelex through many of these years, helping clients implement Intelex to meet very complex requirements in EHSQ data management. We have brought subject matter experts in EHSQ business processes and market sectors to provide the right amount of guidance for industry best practices during implementation. Arcadis is dedicated to building long-term, trusted-advisor relationships with our clients throughout the Intelex engagement and beyond. We are very proud that we are recognized in the market by independent analysts as the leading systems integrator of the Intelex platform.

Through these many Intelex implementations, we have identified a few high priority areas that differentiate high performance EHSQ programs from the rest. These areas transcend the specifics of any single client or industry and should be front and center when deploying a world-class Intelex solution.

Program Leadership and Governance

A critical success factor for your Intelex implementation is strong program governance and executive leadership guidance. Your program governance should define the roles and responsibilities within the entire program and consider the bigger picture encompassing the implementation project. This will ensure the project team has clear outcomes to measure and best practices are always followed. It will also empower the project team to stay aligned with the overall goals of program leadership and not stray off the path while executing project tasks. This commitment will ensure full accountabilities for all stakeholders and set your organization up for success.

EHSQ Business Process Alignment

Process alignment (process consolidation and optimization) is a common element in our Intelex implementation and sustainment engagements with our clients. Arcadis leverages 20 years of digital enterprise EHSQ system experience to help clients align business processes across global regions and functions to gain operational efficiencies. We help shape the Intelex applications into digital solutions that optimize and support the EHSQ business partners and empower frontline workers. This business alignment flows directly from the program leadership and governance emphasis above which will result in improved performance across business lines and provide a cohesive picture of the enterprise for better decision making.

Robust Organizational Change Management (OCM) Strategy to Accelerate User Adoption

The Arcadis change management team is actively engaged in digital transformation projects, from the early stages of strategy development to the implementation stage and all the way to the post-implementation sustainment period. Every Arcadis Intelex consultant is prepared with a comprehensive OCM training program which equips them to embed these concepts into every project activity and task.

Arcadis also has OCM Certified professionals who are dedicated to awareness, communications and training services aimed at accelerating project success and change adoption. The team develops high-value digital branding campaigns, communication plans and training programs for newly implemented platforms as well as legacy technologies for our clients. OCM is the foundation of solid implementation planning and execution.

Streamlined Sustainment to Protect Your EHSQ Investment

After your company makes the strategic decision to invest in the Intelex platform, the next step is to develop a long-term plan to protect and extend this investment. Arcadis works in collaboration with Intelex and our clients to deliver a full sustainment solution that is efficient and transparent while promoting collaboration and continuous improvement of your Intelex platform. We have many program examples of smooth transitions to our comprehensive support structure which makes sure your Intelex applications are always enhanced to meet challenging and oft-changing functional requirements.

Intelex’s industry-leading information technology products combined with Arcadis’ capacity to deliver expert technical services globally (recognized by Verdantix as their Green Quadrant leading provider of digital EHS&S services in 2022) creates an unmatched service and solution package from which our clients can achieve tangible business outcomes and realize long-term, sustainable success. We are very happy to celebrate with Intelex on their 30th birthday this year and look forward to partnering with Intelex and clients for the next 30 years!

About the author: Michael Myers is an Expert Management Consultant with Arcadis and has 20 years of information technology and digital transformation experience as a Principal Management Consultant and Program Manager.

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