Here’s How Intelex Is Simplifying EHSQ Software Selection

Our Custom Product Demo Tour is designed to make the process of learning about environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software faster and easier.
The Intelex Custom Product Demo Tour was designed to make the process of learning about environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software faster and easier.

Finding and selecting the right environment, health and safety (EHS), quality control or environmental, social and governance (ESG) management software is overwhelming, expensive and a time-consuming task for many. And it’s an effort that can take up to six months on average for many organizations.

There’s the initial consideration of how to purchase software, which is confusing enough. Research shows 74 percent of software producers utilize subscription models, 65 percent utilize perpetual licenses, 59 percent leveraging usage-based models and 47 percent use outcome/value-based models.

Then there’s the matter of finding the right features and functions. While many look for common things, others seek unique variations that their organization might require. A buyer typically wants control of their purchase journey since many do their own research up front and want to guide themselves on the next phase to examine products and features.  It’s why Intelex created the Custom Product Demo Tour.

“We wanted to give them control and the power to guide their experience,” says J.P. Nadeau, Intelex’s director of digital marketing. “People have problems and we have software that can help solve them.”

The Custom Product Demo Tour was designed to make the process of learning about environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software faster and easier. Short videos explain Intelex’s entire software applications catalogue to help viewers discover what’s right for their organization. No need to schedule time with a sales representative and no waiting to receive a demo link. The tool instantly allows you to:

  • Select and view individual video demonstrations of specific Intelex solutions
  • Watch a pre-made recommended selection of solution videos for specific practice areas
  • Create your own demo video collection based on your organization’s unique requirements

Videos are organized by four EHSQ practice areas, including:

  • Environment and sustainability (10 videos)
  • Health and safety (14 videos)
  • Quality and supplier (11 videos)
  • Risk management (11 videos)

Each is between five and seven minutes in length, showing how Intelex software supports a wide range of management, reporting and analysis tasks across the EHSQ spectrum.  

“Depending on what your unique needs are, where you’re at, your comfort level or level of understanding, we can either hold your hand (and offer pre-made recommended video selections) or you can get specific (and customize your own selections). I think that’s a big strength of this tool and it’s something we set out to do,” Nadeau says.

Nadeau explains that Intelex had initially created one-off demonstration videos for several products and features and sprinkled these across various pages on the Intelex website. It proved to be an experience with a lot of what Nadeau described as having “friction” where demos were difficult to find unless you were searching for something specific. And the videos were not linked logically.

“We wanted to create a custom demo builder experience…give them a path of least resistance. Build trust, deliver value…give viewers what they wanted,” he says. “They know what they need. We thought, ‘let’s allow them to have the first touch point.’ They’re going to be more excited and have a more constructive and productive (sales) conversation after watching their own personalized demo.”

The current videos hosted on the Custom Product Demo Tour target practice areas where EHSQ problems may exist. Eventually the library of videos will be broadened and enriched to include industry-specific demos. Ultimately the hope is to build a video library that speak to EHSQ pain points such as how to make a workplace safer, reducing incident rates, improving a specific aspect or element of quality or supply chain efficiency.

“It’s all about making the user feel like we get their problems,” Nadeau says. “And also letting them create their custom demo, accessing it instantly and get that value right away.

“We recognize there are multiple stakeholders in these evaluation processes. Typically, one or two people need to do the legwork and more people then get brought in. You can (go to the demo builder), create your own demos, generate a link to it and you can share that with other people. Make yourself look like a rockstar to your boss. It’s helping them shine in their roles.”

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