EHS Management Software Company Intelex Is Turning 30! So What’s the Big Deal?

For 30 years, Intelex has empowered our customers to eliminate workplace deaths, reduce climate impact and create sustainable business. Join us as we continue our mission and usher in the future of EHS.

There are companies out there that have been operating for 100+ years, 200+ years, even longer, so what’s the big deal about a company that sells EHS management software, ESG management software, quality management software and risk management software turning 30?

I’ll tell you, and it’s two things: The pairing of EHS management, ESG management, quality management and risk management with the word “software,” and the fact that we are in it for the long haul and are even more excited about our future than we are about our storied past.

Think back 30-40 years. There weren’t any software companies serving the practice of EHSQ. There weren’t ISO management standards. People weren’t really talking about safety culture – at least not in those terms – and W. Edwards Deming and his messages about quality were just achieving acceptance outside of the automotive industry. Microsoft was founded in 1975, Apple in 1976. Software was a new concept, every home didn’t have a desktop computer, the first laptop debuted in 1981 and smart phones were waaaayyyy in the future.

My, how times have changed!!

The tragedy of Bhopal gave birth to the ideas that would, in 1992, become Intelex, as Dr. Andrew Jaine and Ted Grunau built a DOS-based EHS system for Linde, the industrial gases division of Union Carbide, when Linde made the determination that their paper-based EHS management system was inadequate.

Jump ahead 30 years and technology like Intelex has revolutionized EHS management, ESG management, quality management and risk management. (Learn more about the world’s most powerful software platform for EHSQ and ESG management here.)

As part of our birthday celebration, we created an infographic that marks some of the milestones in EHSQ and Intelex over the past 30 years, and take a brief look into the future. Enjoy!

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