COVID-19 Protocols and Safety: What Back to Work Looks Like at Intelex

As our employees return to the office, their safety is top of mind. Show tunes and freshly baked bread are just the icing on the cake!

Like many of you, we’ve been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and its variants in the cities, states, provinces and countries where we have offices. Many of our employees have been working remotely since March 2020, but as we start to return to offices in greater numbers, we thought we’d share what our new normal is like at Intelex.

We all know how COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives and the same can be said for our office protocols and procedures. One of the most common questions I get asked daily is: “What do I need to do to when I come into the office?”

For the inquiring minds out there, here are some of our new COVID-19 protocols and best practices for the office, as well as information about other procedures that have changed!

COVID-19 Protocols Start Before Employees Return

Like many companies. Intelex has global operations. Different cities and countries have different protocols and mandates, so our employees are expected to follow local laws and recommendations.

Before our Toronto employees arrive at our headquarters now, they book a hotel desk through our online system. As part of that check-in, they must answer this question: “In the last 5 days, have you been asked to quarantine or experienced fever or chills, shortness of breath, worsening cough, decrease or loss of taste or smell, sore throat or runny congested nose or nausea?” If they answer no, then they are able to book their desk. If they answer yes, then they are not permitted to come to the office.

The first thing employees do when they exit the elevators at our offices is check their temperatures at the reception desk. When the machine indicates they have a normal temperature, and if they have followed our COVID-19 protocols, they can make their way to their assigned desk.

COVID-19 Protocols at the Desk

When they arrive at their desks, they will find hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. We request that employees wipe down any surfaces they might have touched before they leave for the day so that the desk is ready for the next person who books that space. We monitor the desks and when we see that the hand sanitizer or wipes are out, we make sure to replace them. We want everybody to feel safe and to know that they are being taken care of.

We are still mindful of social distancing, so any large team meetings/gatherings need to be communicated to the office coordinator and office manager. This is key, as it allows us to set up the spaces with the correct distancing protocols.

New Initiatives Around Recycling/Sustainability

At Intelex, we continue to be mindful of our environmental impact as a company. We still have the battery recycling program in place at the office, and we are making other changes that will have a long-lasting impact on our environmental footprint.

We are on a mission to stop bringing in single use plastics to the office. We have started this by no longer offering bottled water and juices.

The Canadian government has announced efforts to eliminate plastic waste by 2030. Currently, about 86 percent of Canada’s plastic waste ends up in a landfill, much of it generated by single-use plastics like water bottles and plastic utensils. Some estimates put the number of individual plastic utensils wasted at 40 billion per year in the United States alone. After just one single use, most of them are thrown out and end up in landfills and in our waterways. Plastic cutlery is one of those items that won’t get recycled even when you put it in the recycling.

Keeping these facts top of mind, when food is ordered for lunch meetings at Intelex, we no longer will order any single use plates and cutlery. All meetings now are provided with our inhouse cutlery and dishes that are washed after use. We are also working with our catering contacts to use more environmentally friendly packaging for our orders.

We are aware of the environmental impact that these convenience items have had, and we no longer want to be part of the problem these items have caused. These initiatives in the long term can have a lasting impact on the environment.

While the office may be a little quieter these days, please know that we are still here and looking for new ways to better us as a company for the long-term health of our staff and our planet.

And if you find yourself in the Toronto office and hear Broadway show tunes when you step off the elevator, you’ll know I’m working so stop and say hello!

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