Simply the Best: From Tips to Manage Incidents to Regulatory Compliance – The Top 10 Downloaded Reports from in 2021

From software comparisons to practical advice to guidance about adopting ISO standards, we’ve got you covered with our 2021 Top 10 list of downloaded reports.

From software solution comparisons to practical advice to guidance about adopting ISO standards in the workplace, we’ve got you covered with our 2021 Top 10 list of downloaded reports.

  1. Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2021 
    This benchmark report, written by Verdantix, dives into the capabilities of 20 EHS software vendors across Air Emissions, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste and Wastewater, Hazardous Waste, and Sustainability Management. Intelex was a leader in both Environment and Sustainability Management, achieving a top-3 score in all capabilities assessed.
  2. The Top 10 OSHA Citations and How to Avoid Them: A Checklist
    Each year, OSHA publishes a top 10 list of the most frequently cited violations it has recorded. The list for 2020 is largely unchanged from 2019, suggesting that little progress has been made addressing the most common workplace incidents. The Top 10 OSHA Citations and How to Avoid Them: A Checklist Approach provides checklists to show you how to avoid each type of violation, as well as additional information to help keep your workplace safe.
  3. Establishing a Risk-Oriented Culture
    The single biggest factor that marks the difference between organizations that repeatedly experience health and safety or quality-related incidents and those for which such occurrences are a rarity, is culture. This Insight Report examines the benefits of a strong risk-oriented culture and will describe the common impediments to creating one.
  4. 7 Steps to Help You Manage EHSQ Incidents that Could Derail your Business
    It’s important to remember that loss of any kind impacts an organization. The suffering of employees and their families, the cost of work-related injuries and equipment loss, liability and lost production time cause concern all the way up to the executive suite. We offer 7 best practices to follow to successfully manage incidents.
  5. Evaluating Safety Program Performance: An ISO 45001 Checklist for EHS Professionals
    ISO 45001 is an effective way of enhancing EHS performance, but it can be a cumbersome task to fulfill its requirements. This checklist will audit your conformance with the evaluation components in section 9 of the standard.
  6. Transitioning from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001:2018: A Guide to Changes and Software
    ISO 45001:2018 is the internationally recognized standard for management systems dedicated to protecting the physical and mental well-being of employees at every level of an organization. It was introduced in 2018 to replace the existing standard, OHSAS 18001.
  7. Biden’s Environmental Renaissance: 2021 and Beyond
    Depending on the administration, environmental regulatory compliance can be a moving target. Compliance with environmental regulations is considered a baseline. But if you go above and beyond regulations, can that ultimately make life easier for you and your organization?
  8. Expanding the Reach of ISO 45001: How to Build Organizational Resiliency with ISO 45003 and ISO/PAS 45004:2020
    When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world in 2020, organizations struggled to support workers experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and overwork. ISO has responded to this challenge with two new standards to supplement ISO 45001:2018. The new Insight Report Expanding the Reach of ISO 45001: How to Build Organizational Resiliency with ISO 45003 and ISO/PAS 45005:2020 examines these new standards and how you can apply them to your organization.
  9. ESGs and Sustainable Value Creation: Aligning Reporting Against Environmental, Social and Governance Indicators
    As the business landscape becomes more complex, the need to standardize environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators becomes even more critical. The International Business Council’s latest metrics-focused report is designed to accelerate “convergence among the leading private standard-setters and bringing greater comparability and consistency to the reporting of ESG disclosures.” So, the question then becomes: is your organization ready?
  10. Checklist 10 Leading Indicators Employee Engagement
    With the right device, hub and platform ecosystem, monitoring of the safety management system can be done in real-time or near real-time. Safety 4.0 is the key to advances we are making as we help EHS professionals in their digital transformation of safety. It’s about process, engagement, culture, and mobilizing data, and we are only beginning to understand the potential ahead of us.
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