Is Your Workplace Safety Culture Lagging, Leading or Transformational?

When a workforce buys into safety, good things happen. When everyone from the CEO to the rookie shipper/receiver comes to work each day recognizing how important safety is to them and their colleagues, the number of fatalities, injuries and near misses invariably starts to plummet.

As any EHS professional will tell you, increasing engagement in safety is easier said than done. Competing priorities, such as rigid product ship dates, unforgiving supply chain schedules and other factors tied directly to the bottom line, can have a negative impact on safety practices and the safety culture. It’s only when buy-in occurs at all levels – from the C-suite to the newest employee – that culture can be transformed. 

Fortunately, robust new technologies and modern workplace health and safety approaches like Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) are providing companies with a greater ability than ever before to increase engagement levels across the enterprise. By leveraging data that is now available in today’s information-driven “Industry 4.0” era, organizations are able to see deep into their operations to recognize meaningful operational patterns and adjust their practices before tragedies can occur.

This Insight Report from Intelex Technologies – Safety Engagement – From Lagging to Leading to Transformational Change – takes an in-depth look at how metrics can be used within this new landscape to improve engagement and, ultimately, drive better safety results. It also discusses how Intelex’s Safety Engagement Score can help organizations get a clear understanding of how their safety efforts stack up across various locations and departments of their organization and gain insight into where they can improve.

Increasing a workforce’s level of engagement with safety practices is a key goal of many organizations. When workers perform their tasks with the proper mindset, one which takes into account proper procedures and measures, the work environment becomes inherently safer. This is often easier said than done, but thanks to new technologies that tap into rich data streams, companies are discovering effective ways of increasing engagement levels that have never been available before.

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