Changing Business for Good: Why I Do What I Do

Rowing in the same direction: Gavin Stephenson exlains why he’s proud to be part of the Intelex team.

(Gavin Stephenson is Director of Sales for Intelex in the EMEA region. He wrote this “blog” and posted it on LinkedIn with this explanation: “Intelex is on the lookout for great talent. Rather than simply posting a list of open roles, I wanted to explain why I do what I do … why I joined Intelex, why I love my job, why I think we are changing business for good and why this is a great opportunity for hungry, humble, smart people.”)

When I started my search for a new position some 3 years ago, I was keen to find a company that would be a long-term investment for me, I am not getting any younger after all!

It was also important to me to work for a company and with a solution focused on making a real difference to the lives of its customers and their employees. Like many of you, I’m sure, I have spent many years selling cutting-edge, nice-to-have products, which is all well and good, but you end up spending a lot of time creating the market rather than serving a market that already exists!

At that time, Intelex was just starting out on its growth into Europe. The office was staffed by five team leads from the Canadian HQ and the initial two or three local hires. I was approached by the UK HR team and was sold on the opportunity almost immediately, primarily because of two things: the people I interacted with and the mission of Intelex, Changing Business for Good.

Health, Safety and Sustainability goals could not be more critical in business today and once I started reading about the great work Intelex were doing and the impact they were having in companies across the world, I knew this was somewhere I wanted to work.

A Changing World but the Mission Remains the Same

Two and a half years in, a couple of role changes and a global pandemic to boot, the things that attracted me to Intelex still hold true for me and our now 50-strong team. In the last year alone, we have pretty much doubled the EMEA business – no mean feat when you consider what the world has had to deal with – and I think you’ll agree that this speaks volumes for both this market and Intelex as a company. 

Intelex has also been through its fair share of changes – our acquisition by Industrial Scientific (part of the Fortive Group) in July 2019 brought together two companies that are committed to eliminating death on the job by 2050. Our mantra of approaching every day with a hungry, humble, smart attitude and a seek truth/speak truth/serve others philosophy is key to everything we do. Many businesses have such missions and visions, but at Intelex, these are sewn into the very fabric of the organization.

One of best examples of our company ethos, and a day that was nothing short of life-changing for me, was the day I spent with a one of our European customers and their global head of EHS. The meeting started like any other, but during the course of the day, he opened up about the personal challenges he faces in his role on a daily basis. He talked about the devastating impact a culture of not speaking up and not reporting incidents can have on his business, the people in his team, their families and in turn, on him too. It was very sobering. The work our customers and their teams undertake every day, literally is life and death. 

Life at Intelex: Changing Business for Good

While we work hard to support those global organizations in their quest to provide a safe environment for their workforce, we are also proud of the surroundings we offer for our team; we have won a number of awards that demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees.

Back in the office, Intelex is the most inclusive and diverse business I have ever worked for. Our Employee Resources Groups promote, support and run activities across a range of important areas: Persons with Disabilities, Womxn and Allies, Visible Minorities and LGBTQ+. We are all provided with regular training and guidance to ensure we are our best selves and understand the importance of these topics. I am surrounded by people who have such great life experiences and stories to share, varied backgrounds and starts in life, all of which provide a truly rich, diverse and inclusive team to work with. 

And then there is the fun stuff! For a start you’ll never have to work on your birthday again! Everyone has access to an annual Wellness Allowance to spend on fitness equipment, classes or anything else that improves your wellbeing. You also have access to a Personal Development Allowance which you can put towards training or other activities that support you in your role here at Intelex.

On Thursdays, we have a company breakfast (or we will when back in the office at least). Talking of which we have a brand-new office waiting for us in Reading. Practically untouched due to lockdown, it is bright and shiny and ready for us all to move into when guidelines permit. Plus, we have an active social team, who put on monthly events, which will hopefully move from on-screen to in-person in the months to come. I will even resurrect the after work Running Club once we are back to normal. We want our employees to bring their whole selves to work and for that we know you need a really great environment.

So … if this sounds rewarding, challenging and right up your street, then we have several roles open. If you truly are hungry, humble and smart, are happy to seek truth, speak truth and serve others, believe you have something to add to the Intelex culture as well as bring success to this ever-expanding team and existing EHSQ market, then take a look at the open roles across Sales, Customer Success, Consulting Services and Support.

If you want to chat in more detail, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

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