Taking a Deeper Dive into the Clean Energy ESG Goal

Taking a Deeper Dive into the Clean Energy ESG Goal

Goal #7 of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is Clean, Affordable Energy. Are you ready to meet that goal? Is your company wasting money and creating an ESG reporting nightmare with excessive CO2 emissions?

Our new eguide, “Reporting ESG Goals: Affordable, Clean Energy,” provides insight about ISO 50001 – the ISO management system standard for energy management – and discusses the requirements for an organization that wishes to manage energy performance.

Improving energy performance contributes to wider CO2 and sustainability measures, but other measures to achieve this are not required within an ISO 50001 management system. This does not mean that organizations cannot use ISO 50001 to contribute to their wider sustainability agenda. It just means that those organizations applying for certification need to ensure that they deliver better energy performance in addition to implementing measures to reduce CO2.

Let’s face it; there are very few organizations in the world that would choose to waste money paying for energy that they don’t need. At the same time, more and more organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment and the expectation that they contribute to sustainability.

As more organizations publish ESG reports, tracking energy consumption becomes even more important.

Improving energy performance means either reducing the amount of energy consumed, such as electricity or gas, or increasing energy efficiency, such as producing more units for the same energy use. Although reduction in energy consumption normally brings about a reduction in associated CO2 emissions, there are other measures that the organization might choose to use to reduce its CO2 emissions, such as buying green renewable energy
from energy suppliers or adopting renewable energy technology such as solar panels or systems such as Combined Heat and Power.

Click here to download “Reporting ESG Goals: Affordable, Clean Energy” and learn more about reducing CO2 while improving energy performance.

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