Intelex HazardIQ for iNet – Advancing Connected Safety Across the Last Mile of Hazardous Environment Monitoring

At Intelex, we have an ambitious vision to eliminate death on the job by the year 2050, a vision we share with our parent company, Industrial Scientific. It’s a vision that informs not only what we do and how we do it, it’s part of the culture that we live and breathe every day.

Our mission is to deliver safer, cleaner and more efficient operations to our customers with the highest quality and best customer experience, every time, without exception. We are making a significant step forward in that direction with our new connected safety solution, Intelex HazardIQ for iNet. 

In all high-risk industries, workers are subject to a variety of environmental conditions that create elevated risks to their health and safety. Prompt detection and mitigation of these risks is critical to not only keeping workers safe from harm, but for optimizing EHS programs to make them more proactive in eliminating risks in the first place. With the pandemic accelerating the trend toward more proactive management of the holistic health and wellness of employees, it’s now more important than ever before to detect risk and act decisively with data. 

The Impact of Digitization and Data

One overarching lesson that the pandemic has taught us is that the digitization and data-enablement of front-line operations will have outsized impact on an organization’s ability to decrease operational risk, increase efficiency and worker safety, and develop deeper insights for continuous improvement. 

As many organizations move to a more data-driven and proactive approach to safety, the need arises for solutions that can connect directly with the worker on the front lines, capture and relay essential hazard data in real time, and make data available in a system of record for analysis to develop deeper insights and inform continuous improvement. 

HazardIQ for iNet: Protect Your Front Line, Drive Efficiences

The latest innovation in connected safety, HazardIQ for iNet is an end-to-end alarm, reporting and incident management workflow that increases the ability of EHS and IH professionals in high-risk organizations to protect front-line workers, drive efficiencies in managing safety incidents and optimizing corrective and preventative action programs to bolster a culture of continuous safety improvement. 

HazardIQ for iNet directly integrates into Industrial Scientific’s iNet Control solution for gas monitoring, allowing corporate EHS managers, field supervisors, plant managers and industrial hygienists the ability to increase visibility into field hazards, get to the “why” of an incident faster and simplify reporting and compliance. 

You can read more about the launch in today’s press release here

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