IWD2021 – Grazyna Oberlin-Momot: How Can the EHS Programs and Systems We Use in Workplaces Be Extended to the Work-From-Home Model?

Although March 8 is International Women’s Day 2021 (IWD2021), at Intelex, we celebrate the accomplishments of womxn every day. We also identify challenges, with none being greater than the transition to work-from-home and remote work for many women in 2020.

Through our annual IWD blog series, we want to introduce you to a group of women – our employees, customers and partners – who personify the achievements of women in tech and in EHSQ.

The theme for IWD2021 is: “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.” Grazyna Oberlin-Momot, Management Information System Intelex Program Lead for ABB, said she’s choosing to challenge “non-value-added tasks.”

What is your name, title and company?

My name is Grazyna Oberlin-Momot.  I am MIS (Management Information System) Intelex Program Lead for ABB and Business HSE Partner for Motion Traction business in ABB Switzerland.

How did you become in involved with EHSQ and/or technology?

As a safety professional, I use the HSE performance to set actions, improve safety culture, and build a “business case for safety.” Reliable data presented in visually good reports helps to make decisions and take actions. I got involved in technology when ABB decided to implement a global system to report incidents.  Setting a process for reporting that would work in 70+ countries, different cultures, and legal framework was a key. I am proud to confirm that we have succeeded!

In your career, what have you decided to #ChooseToChallenge?

I choose to challenge non-value-added tasks. In my role in MIS, I have a contact with many HSE colleagues who spent time “crunching numbers” – making reports and graphs – instead of being close to people and improving] operations [and] improving culture. We made a change by launching the IS team, who analyzed needs and developed amazing Power BI reports that are used commonly. 

What were your greatest challenges – personally or professionally – in 2020?

2020 made us stop and appreciate things that in our busy lives, went unnoticed and sometimes for granted; for example, having lunch with your colleagues sitting at one table or visiting family abroad.

What was the primary learning(s) from 2020 that you brought with you into 2021?

The main learning for me is the amazing technology that connects us and made it possible to work-from-home in 2020.  At the same time, we will need to think how the health, safety and environmental programs and systems we use in workplaces can be extended to a work-from-home model. How can we monitor, report, and improve safety in this new reality?

What are you focusing on in 2021?

In 2021, I decided to advance my carrier into a new direction, which is a dual role:  Intelex Program Lead for ABB and the HSE Business Partner responsibility in ABB local business. I can see a great benefit of having a strategic role and the operational responsibility. I will be able to validate in real-time what we planned and feedback the challenges and needs of employees into strategies that work at the local level.

How are you rising to the challenges found in the new year and what do you hope to accomplish?

I am positive and looking to the future. I am blessed to work in a great, professional, and enthusiastic team wanting to make a difference. As a team, we can rise to any challenge!

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