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Staying connected via online communitites

Over my career, I’ve relied heavily on online communities to get support and share best practices for critical software I use on a daily basis. The story of my time at Intelex has been no different.

When I started as a trainer 9 years ago, we had a thriving online community called Intelex Exchange that I logged onto daily to help speed up the process of learning how to use Intelex so that I quickly could ramp up so that I could train and coach others on it. Intelex Exchange also offered a great opportunity to interact with customers and other users of Intelex that I hadn’t had a chance to work with yet. I learned a lot from my experience with Intelex Exchange and it helped me grow as a trainer and later, in my other roles at Intelex.

Over the years, I feel like we’ve let some of the magic of that community slip away, but we are on a path to change that with a re-launch of our Intelex Community in Q1 2021.

I’ve spent the last few months working with an amazing team at Intelex to re-think and rebuild the community. We’re using new technology that is built specifically for this purpose and I can’t wait to get it launched! One of the most important elements of this project for me was getting a chance to spend time with some key customers and users of our existing community to understand what would make them want to log into and contribute to a community on a consistent basis. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with those customers over the past few weeks and I wanted to share some of the feedback I received.

Finding the Right Answers

Being able to quickly find the information you’re looking for is key, and a community can sometimes be a challenging place to find it. So many forums, topics, sub-topics – where do you look? An easy but sophisticated search is something customers told me was critical. Specifically, the common ask from customers was finding threads or discussions that had solutions that fully resolved the issue or question at hand.

Luckily, our new community allows you to mark a thread as “solved,” which should make finding the answers your searching for a much easier thing to do. (This only works as long as we have good engagement, which I will talk about a little later.)

Best Practices Beyond Administration

Communities that are built around a software product typically are frequented by system administrators looking for technical assistance. It’s great to be able to collaborate as admins on system setup and maintenance – but there is also a ton of value in sharing how the system is being used within a business. Roll out plans, change management process, what parts of the apps did you configure, what didn’t you configure, who are your power users:  These are all discussions that can really help you put your best put forward when rolling out a software solution. This is the second-most requested item that come up during my customer discussions, followed closely by engagement.

Customer and Intelexian Engagement

I don’t think I can name anything more important than engagement when it comes to building and maintaining a thriving community. We’ve always had incredible engagement from our customers in the Intelex Community, but one area that needs improvement is engagement from the entire Intelex team. There are many of us who work with customers on a daily basis, but there are also many who do not have that opportunity to learn from and build insight based on discussions with customers.

A community is an amazing place to interact with customers, learn what motivates them and what their challenges are, and discover where your software solution is helping (or isn’t).These interactions reveal how we can help make an impact. The number one most-requested item across all of the voice of the customer calls I held was “more engagement from Intelex in the community.” That engagement on our side is going to be the focus of this relaunch.

We have a new piece of tech behind the scenes, we’ve put a much-needed fresh coat of paint on the Intelex Community and we’ve cleaned up the data, but all of this pales in comparison to the best new feature – lots of engagement and interaction from all facets of the Intelex team. This engagement will be what propels the Intelex Community forward and what makes it successful and useful, both for our customers and for us.

I am so excited for this launch in Q1 next year. Look out for more communication in the coming weeks on how you can be involved. We’ll also be sure to let you know what is happening to the existing community and how you can access any critical content you may need.

Happy Holidays!

Mike Baggley (or Baggs for short)

Chief Customer Officer

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Mike is the Chief Customer Officer at Intelex where he strives to ensure customers get the most out of their partnership with Intelex. Mike joined Intelex in 2011 and has held various roles supporting our clients and partners. Mike is passionate about helping our clients unlock the value of Intelex and achieving their EHSQ outcomes. Prior to joining the technology industry, Mike started his career in broadcasting which makes Mike our resident MC. In his spare time, you can find him playing his Stratocaster on a small stage somewhere, jamming out with Wellington U (our Intelex band), trying not to double bogey on the golf course, or spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

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