L2L: How To Have a Productive Dialogue with Senior Leadership

Leaders Productive Dialog
In this episode, our Health & Safety leaders discuss how to create a productive dialogue around health and safety with senior leadership.

Health and Safety is changing. It is now more complex and dynamic than ever. In addition to traditional concerns over safety, today’s professionals must deal with everything from individual mental wellbeing to global environmental citizenship. It is anything but simple.

In episode 8, we hear that while one of the greatest challenges faced by Health & Safety leaders is how to communicate with senior corporate leadership in a meaningful, productive way, it also is one of the most productive things an HSE professional can learn to do.

Paul Darby, Global Head of Health & Safety – DHL Global Forwarding, counseled, “If you have an overall business strategy, don’t have a safety strategy that looks completely different.” Make sure your safety strategy lines up with the business strategy, he said, “because then senior management will buy into it.”

Wim Koster, Head of Global Safety, KONE, added that if senior leaders feel that they can drive and influence safety, you’ll achieve buy-in from them and they’ll become allies in driving safety throughout the organization.

Whatever you do, make certain that time spent talking to senior leadership about HSE has value for both them and you. James Pomeroy, Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director, Lloyd’s Register, suggested that only reporting lagging indicators like injuries and illnesses is not the most meaningful conversation to have with leadership.

“A conversation about where we are with our HSE improvement plan and what’s not working and having some difficult conversations when a metric is red and why it’s red is a more meaningful conversation” than those about another lost-time injury, he said.

Episode 8 of the Leaders2Leaders video series goes deeper into how to have a productive dialogue with senior leaders. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your Health & Safety strategy must fit seamlessly with the company’s business strategy
  • Why you might want to focus on sharing just one leading indicator with leadership
  • How having a core set of Health & Safety objectives can help you drive your initiatives forward

Watch Episode 8 – Dialogue with Senior Leadership now.

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Health and safety today is more complex and dynamic than ever. The world is experiencing significant changes in how, when and where work happens. Today, employees are just as likely to be contractors as they are to be permanent staff, and workers are placing greater emphasis on their wider mental and physical wellbeing. Watch all eight episodes and download the companion guide: Lessons from Leaders.

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